Will the Red Raiders win on Saturday?

If they don’t Kliff Kingsbury deserves to be fired.

Yup, I said it. I don’t care if you have beaten the Jayhawks in front of 4,000 screaming fans, most shouting “Wait till basketball,” you absolutely have to win this game.

If you don’t, 4-8 looks more likely.

If you do, 8-4 looks likely.

I’m not happy with the offense and the team slowing down the tempo which has been the cornerstone of the Red Raiders for over 15 years.

Slow doesn’t win ballgames… speed kills, as my old GM Scott Harris said, and speed is what makes defenses tire out and small mistakes turn into large mistakes.


This year the Red Raiders have slipped from their #40 total defense to #110 ranking, but I am still happy to not be dead last.  Funny thing is, it isn’t the run that is killing us.  Last year, the team was a sieve for the running game and allowed teams to run all over us.

Everyone remembers Kalen Ballage:

This year the rushing defense is a respectable #65 in the nation. What has been killing us is the defense in the secondary and against the pass where the Red Raiders are ranked #124th in the NCAA.

It has to change.

This weekend the Red Raiders face Khalil Herbert who pounded over 200 yards of rushing versus West Virginia. Broderick Washington said last week the defense was going to contain the run and make a team one dimensional.

Can Kansas pass? A basketball maybe, but I’m not sure if Peyton Bender can.

What has to happen:

I’m begging you Coach Kingsbury, bring back the tempo, I know it gasses the D, but if you lose to Kansas you are going to be on the 1st bus to Middle Tennessee State or a directional school to rehabilitate your career.

Bring the tempo and don’t let up.

We believe in you… your fans.



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