What Happened to Customer Service?

Sean Dillon
Wife was gone last weekend to see her parents. I had to work on the final Rockin’ Pregame show so I couldn’t go. While she was gone the refrigerator died that can be best described as a middle finger death. In the middle of the night, mere days after we had gone to the store and filled it up with hundreds of dollars of food, it died.
Now I didn’t notice it had died for a couple of days. Why? Because the wife was gone and I was going to do all the things I usually wouldn’t do because we had a full fridge. I ate out with friends, morning, noon and night. Then I came back home, slept and mowed the yard the next morning. Now, once you mow and edge the yard, you deserve an ice cold beverage.
I opened the fridge to see that nothing was cold, everything was dead and the smell of hundreds of dollars of food. The cursing that most sailors would blush at, began and didn’t end until I called my wife. Then, her cussing began.

What does this have to do about customer service?

Easy, I had to give you the backstory before I gave you the punch to the kidney. I went to several stores, looking before purchasing a new fridge. I couldn’t find anyone to help me if I begged. Three different stores I walked up and down the aisles looking for someone to sell me a damn fridge.
I’ve got money in my hand, ready to buy. I’m standing in front of a fridge looking at it, wandering around looking for someone to say, “can I help you?” How did that work out for me? Not too good.
I left and went to the 4th store and found a nice customer service agent who was more than happy to sell me a fridge. But there was a catch. It wouldn’t deliver until the 6th of July. This was the 23rd of June. I could eat out and enjoy things not in the house. It would have been more expensive, but I was willing to sacrifice. It was the soonest they could deliver because they were a driver short. I could understand the delay and was glad they could deliver it at all. Talking to 2 managers trying to get them to move the date up was fruitless as “no way” was the answer.
Making the worst mistake in the world, I told my wife about the July 6th date. She called the customer service and went all laser beams out of her eyes mad. We waited a week but we were scheduled to have a new fridge installed this week by a quality installer.
I ignored the “wow, your wife has a lotta kitchen tools,” crack from the ‘installation expert’. I put a 6 pack in the fridge and I’ll celebrate when it’s nice and cold. The three places that didn’t have a salesperson ready to strike when I was giving buying signals…
your loss.


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