United States of the Offended and Angered

I went to the store on the way home from a trip for snacks with my wife.  It was a simple trip, run in, get a couple items for dinner on the drive home.  However it didn’t end up that way because of the person in front of us in line.

“Why don’t you carry (x),” the woman said to the barely 17 year old cashier.

“We carry (store brand),” the cashier said with a smile on her face trying to be helpful.

“Get me the manager,” the woman huffed with an air of arrogance.

The cashier called over the manager with a confused look on her face.

“Can I help you ma’am,” he said with an equally confused look.

“This person demeaned me by not giving me the answer I needed.”

“Excuse me, what did you ask,” the manager said while looking sternly at the cashier who was turning red while her head slowly faced down.

“Why don’t you carry (x), well why don’t you,” she asked venom dripping with each word?

“Because that brand is owned by our competition. We don’t carry other stores brand.”

“It’s superior to your crap,” she said walking away to leave the store leaving her entire basket of groceries in front of the stunned manager and cashier. As hard as she could try, the tears just started to flow.

My wife and I tried to make her feel better with encouraging words but she left to go on break.

Stupidity and anger is acceptable now in this world.  This ignorant lady made a young woman cry, just because. It isn’t right, but it is deemed acceptable to people. Why did this become acceptable? Why should belittling and hate be allowed in this world?

It is because we allow it here in the United States of the offended and angered.  We should have stopped that lady and forced her to apologize to all of us. For being ignorant, hateful and for ruining our day.

But we didn’t because we were all stunned…

because she thought it was acceptable to be cruel.



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