Tom Petty’s most innovative music videos

While we celebrate the life and music of Tom Petty, we have to take note of his legacy on music videos. At a time when most videos were mainly just a group performing the song on a soundstage, Tom Petty’s were always full of life with strange and wonderful concepts. Here are some of his best

A giant animated Tom roaming around New York, what more could you ask for

Like the eye of the hurricane, a calm Tom singing and playing while a carnival fun house swirls around him

Tom Petty and Kim Basinger make necrophilia look fun and exciting

The Mad Hatter himself at the most fun tea party ever

Tom Petty can even turn a simple performance into something special. Especially if he has a little help from his friends

Originally this video served as a tribute to Roy Orbison who passed away before the video was filmed. Now it serves as a beautiful tribute to George and Tom too



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