Spring to Remember

Today I saw the following post from Texas Tech on Twitter talking about the success of our athletes:

It got me thinking on how some fans think Texas Tech sports is down because of the Lady Raiders and the problems the Red Raider football team has had over the last couple of years.

Texas Tech is more than Football folks.

We have athletes and champions all around our campus. For years I have reminded people about the Meat Judging team …

not because I was making fun of the team, but honoring their successes. We have plenty of teams that need some love and respect. Respect because no matter how they perform, national champions or never will be, they represent Texas Tech.

I was on the Texas Tech Club Fencing Team.

Laugh all you want, but there was something great when I went to the University of Texas and represented my school.

I didn’t win most of my matches, and I didn’t lose all of them either, but after seeding round robin my first match was against a UT pentathlete.

He should have wiped the floor with me. But I kept working in the match and he only beat me by 4 points.

On the way home part of me was depressed because I didn’t do well enough for myself and for the school. Then a good fellow fencer said to me, “Did you make the pentathlete from Texas work more than he had versus any other fencer? Did you try your best? Did you represent the Scarlet and Black with pride? You already know the answer.”

I still remember that Aaron to this very day.

We have athletes in the following club sports : Archery, Badminton, Bowling, Climbing, Cricket, Cycling, Disc Golf, eSports, Fencing, Gymnastics, Roller Hockey, Judo & Juijitsu, Men’s & Women’s Lacrosse, MMA, Quiddich, Paintball, Polo, Roller Hockey, Men’s & Women’s Rugby, Swim Club, Men’s & Women’s Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Trap & Skeet, Triathlon, Ultimate, Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, Water Polo, Wakeboard, Wrestling and Ballroom Dancing.

I am a Red Raider and I’m proud of every athlete, club or otherwise. I salute them because they compete and represent the school we love.

It may be a Spring to Remember for the well known sports, but club team athletes are Red Raiders… and they deserve some love too.



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