Six Chances

I’ve been part of watching Texas Tech football since I was a student at Tech starting in 1992. Fans have used the six opportunities presented to them each year as disposable. Several issues have popped up over the years and I am going to address them one by one.

I know that this is going to seem like a “when I was at Texas Tech” but let’s be honest. When the Red Raiders were playing in the early 90’s there was no formal parking or Raider Alley. It was fans, who loved the game, who came together to tailgate and enjoy everything. It was pure fandom.

Back in the late days of the Spike administration, Texas Tech courted the community.  Athletic directors, even from the opposing school would come on our sister station KLLL morning show and talk about the game. Members of the media could talk to any assistant coach. It was about a community coming together for 6 special moments.

Those opportunities are not presented anymore. The media sees assistant coaches on a limited basis and rarely during the season.

Presenting an Image

It’s all about presenting an image to the public. When Coach Leach was here it was the image of the pirate. He took that image, the wild man he was and took advantage of it, from appearances in Friday Night Lights to having now current president Donald Trump announce the team.

It was a show. We embraced it and in such we ruined it.

We Ruined College Football.

Texas Tech grew up and formalized parking for the donors, created a corporate Raider Alley and going to a Texas Tech game was now an event. People would get dressed up to be seen at the game. Students and the band was moved to and fro, because of the wishes of donors and coaches. The Double T grass area, once a place where kids played and families had fun with a blanket became cold and sterile. Traditions were thrown out because they were hokey (during a windy afternoon game, there was nothing more stunning then watching Roof Raider struggle to hold a Texas Tech Offense or Defense flag.) Neon Texas Tech on the side of the Jones went to the wayside for the corporate and cold brick. Look at the east side of the stadium, and if you didn’t already know where you were, you wouldn’t.

In the next couple of years, be prepared to see more changes in the name of progress. Don’t be surprised when the South End Zone project begins to see the Double T scoreboard moved away.

Empty Seats

You have 6 chances to show up and cheer for your Red Raiders. Not just during UT / OU, but 6 full chances this year.

I was going to address all the reason why you should attend, and why people don’t but the people who attend the games, the ones who get the sunburns on the east side of the stadium, the fans who tailgate starting at 7 p.m. the night before the game, the TRUE fans…

…they are already there.

the people who donate money and get tickets so they can watch the big games, but don’t show up for the Lamar’s, the people who are too busy getting drunk at the student parties because in all of the improvements Texas Tech has made, they still haven’t realized that selling beer at the games at a reasonable cost for the non club level fans would keep fans inside the stadium rather than streaming out so they can drink. The fans that are tired of a team that we hear every year, that the coaches didn’t prepare them for the big game.

You want fans to come to the games and stay? There are so many things that would make this happen:  a return to a crazed student section, alcohol sales, non packaged tickets (you can package Lamar and Texas all you want, but everyone will say thanks for the piece of paper that allows them to come to the Lamar game but they won’t be using it EVER) and most importantly… winning.

You have 6 chances to make an impact as a Red Raider fan. Don’t blame the team when nobody is there when they are trying to make a comeback.

But that’s just me. Direct all complaints to the nearest brick wall or to your unused Lamar / Houston / West Virginia tickets.



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