Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominations

Well, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced their nominations this morning for potential inclusion. Normally I would scoff at the lack of quality names in the nominees and how once again the HoF screwed it up. Why, because they normally do.  The Hall of Fame process is filled with politics, behind the scenes deals and just crap.

Ask anyone what they think of the management of the HoF process and they will with not understand nor care.  The problem is the total lack of transparency with the hall. There are enough feuds, (from band members excluded while some members are included, just ask Dave Navaarro), snubs especially from the progressive rock era,  and accusations of tampering with the fan / artist votes that make Rock & Roll member and frequent foil Jann Wenner look like Vladimir Putin.

But enough about the background, let’s get to the nominees:

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees:

Bon Jovi – nominated in 2011, been eligible since 2008
Kate Bush – first nomination been eligible since 2003
The Cars – nominated in 2016 & 2017, been eligible since 2003
Depeche Mode – nominated in 2017, been eligible since 2016
Dire Straits – first nomination, been eligible since 2003
Eurythmics – first nomination, been eligible since 2006
J. Geils Band – nominated in 2005,2006,2011,2017, been eligible since 1995
Judas Priest – first nomination, been eligible since 1999
LL Cool J – nominated 2010, 2011, 2014 , been eligible since 2009
MC5 – nominated in 2003,2017 and been eligible since 1991
The Meters – nominated in 1997,2013, 2014 and has been eligible since 1994
Moody Blues -first nomination been eligible since 1989
Radiohead – first nomination has been eligible since 2017
Rage Against the Machine – first nomination has been eligible since 2017
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan – nominated in 2012, been eligible since 1999
Nina Simone – first nomination has been eligible since 1983
Sister Rosetta Tharpe – first nomination has been eligible since 1963
Link Wray – nominated in 2014, been eligible since 1983
The Zombies – nominated in 2014,2017, been eligible since 1989

Moody Blues!

FINALLY, the Moody Blues gets some love. I love that my favorite band Dire Straits got a well deserved nomination, but I know that the hall won’t pick them.  One of the “requirements” is for the band to play at their induction ceremony. How many times in the hall’s history has a band refused to play or reunite during a HoF ceremony? Plenty! How many bands wouldn’t play because all of their members weren’t honored? Just ask KISS! The hall wanted the band to play off makeuped up… How did that work for them? It didn’t

Ballots are sent to over 900 historians, music insiders and performers including every living inductee of the RRHoF as well as a fan vote which is the top 5 voted artists out of the nominees.

Problem is the fan vote is given the same weight as the other individual votes, which means next to nothing. It’s a smoke screen to make people think their voice is heard when it is buried behind the voices of insiders and historians.

Who gets voted?

Who do I think the fans will vote on their ballot? LL Cool J, Moody Blues, Bon Jovi, Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine.

Who do I think will get into the hall? J. Geils Band, Nina Simone, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, MC5 and Bon Jovi.




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