Can I Interest You in Commanders Football?

After a Super Bowl that had many people less than thrilled we finally have an alternative league to entertain us until college football returns in the fall. Can I interest you in San Antonio Commanders football with the AAF?

The Alliance of American Football kicks off this weekend and goes all the way through the end of April.

Things I like about the AAF:

Players were selected 1st where they played college, then pro then open draft

After that, NO MEANINGLESS KICKOFFS. Win the toss, start off at the 25 and off we go.

No 40 second clock, clock is 30 seconds. (Correction 20 seconds)

There’s a 9th official called the Sky Judge who can call penalties HE sees. No missed pass interference calls (sorry New Orleans)

Is your team behind by 17 points or both teams can do an “onside conversion” inside of five minutes remaining in the game. This happens with a 4th and 12 from your own 28. Make it, you keep the ball, miss it, your opponent gets the ball in your territory. Heavy risk, heavy reward. This is where defense has to play its best.

Also overtime is different: Each team will gain possession of the ball, first-and-goal from the 10. Teams have to score a touchdown and go for two points. This is what I REALLY LOVE. Weeny field goals aren’t allowed. Then the opposing team gets their chance at the ball to either lose, tie or win. Yes ties. I don’t know what the AAF has up their sleeve for post season in case of ties, but I’m for it. (Sorry Kansas City)

Also NO EXTRA POINTS. Go for 2, go for gusto or go home. Sorry place kickers… FG have a place during the game, but not for OT.

Here is the first week schedule starting with the San Diego Fleet taking on the San Antonio Commanders

I’ve already picked the San Antonio Commanders as my team but I will also support the Arizona Hotshots as former Red Raider Justin Stockton is on the Hotshots.


Where are the games going to be seen? Take a look here:

I’m rooting for the San Antonio Commanders because they are the Texas team. Also because my friend Jason Minnix is going to be the voice of the Commanders!


Good Luck Commanders, AAF and #TakeCommand



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