Peter Tork’s Best Monkees Moments

Peter Tork at Family Gras, Metairie, Louisiana, January 2016.

Peter Tork died today at the age of 77 and while he constantly fought the label of not being a “real” musician during his Monkees years, his contributions were some of their greatest musical highlights. Let’s look at some of those songs.


Peter didn’t sing lead on many songs but here he shares vocals with Micky Dolenz. Peter Tork was also responsible for the bass line and Hammond organ.

The Girl I knew Somewhere

While taking the role as the band’s bassist, Peter Tork was usually found playing so much more. Like on this Mike Nesmith written song, Peter plays both guitar and keyboards

Pleasant Valley Sunday

Because the instruments that the band members played were decided by the producers of the TV show, The Monkees usually changed things up when it came to recording in the studio. This song is a perfect example of the band having the albums producer, Chip Douglas play bass so it freed up Peter Tork to take on the keyboard part.

Long Title- Do I Have To Do This All Over Again

The Monkees film Head is a loveable mess of a movie but it’s soundtrack gave us some of the best music recorded by the band. And Peter’s contribution of the frenetic rocker is one of the standout tracks

For Pete’s Sake

This song became Peter Tork’s signature piece and the closing theme to the second season of the TV show. Here you get to experience not just his songwriting but impressive guitar work as well

RIP Peter Tork





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