I Know What I Like…

I have been facing and failing with the challenge of indecisive people. Their desire for me to create things we like and agree on is crippled by their indecisiveness.

When I ask “Honey, do you want chicken or steak?” I am offering two choices. CHICKEN OR STEAK.

“Are there any other choices,” is not the correct answer?

Look, I try to be patient and nice, but if I ask you “what do you want for dinner?” or “what you want to do?” I’m not asking because I already have an idea of what I am going to do whether you like it or not, I’m asking to get your opinion and your choice.

You can not blame me when you say… “I dunno,” because that is an automatic way for me to say, “you don’t give a damn, so we’re doing what I want to do.”

“But, but , I don’t want to be picky,” I’ve heard from friends.

If I ask you for your opinion, I want to be responsive to your needs. But if you don’t give me your opinion, you are allowing me to do what ever the hell I want.

I told someone today that my life has three sides. Creativity, Time and Information. Give me all three and I can do amazing stuff.

But if you give me 2 out of the three, you aren’t going to get my best.

No time to get anything done, then you don’t allow me to be as creative as I want. In the end I don’t produce something you like…

No information, I get to guess and I might be wrong. I end up throwing darts blindfolded…

No creativity, because you want to be boring, you’ll get something mind numbing and uninspiring which we both will not like.

Just give me time, information and the ability to be creative. I promise you I can work magic.

Now for the love of everything in this world. ANSWER ME THIS. MAKE A DECISION!





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