50 Years Of Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland

October 18th 2018 marks fifty years since the The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s masterpiece Electric Ladyland was released. This double album serves as the defining moment for Jimi Hendrix the artist specifically and Rock music in general. This would be the final recorded album in Jimi’s all to brief life and expanded the sonic horizons for countless bands to come. Noel Redding, the Experience’s bassist left the group during the recording. He left frustrated at the seemingly endless sessions that it took to create the perfect sounds that were in Jimi’s head. They proceeded all the same with an impressive array of guests including Brian Jones, Dave Mason, Steve Winwood, Buddy Miles and Al Kooper. While this is a must have album in anyone’s collection, let’s take a look at some of the finer moments of Electric Ladyland.

Crosstown Traffic

After the album introduces itself, this is where it gets rocking. A very soulful arraignment shows that this album is going to break new ground.

Little Miss Strange

While tensions were high during the making of this album, so high it prompted Noel Redding to quit the group. Jimi still let those around have their time to shine. Noel took over lead vocals on this track and Jimi gave it a killer solo

All Along The Watchtower

What started off as a simple acoustic number when Bob Dylan created it, Hendrix turned into a Tour De Force. Hendrix was given a tape of the song before it was released and recorded take after take until he was finally satisfied. Dylan now says that when he plays the song, he thinks of Jimi

Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

The song that ends the album feels like a culmination of all the musical pieces that lead up to it. This is the full fury that Jimi Hendrix could unleash. Entirely improvised in the studio, and recorded in one day. This track seemed to sum the entire album up. It’s hard not to dream about what could have come next.






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