5 Best Keith Richards Riffs

Today December 18th is Keith Richards 75th birthday and since he is apparently industructable, let’s look at some of the riffs that keep him so powerful.

5: Jumpin’ Jack Flash

This was the song, released in 1968, that started The Stones on one of the greatest hit streaks in all of rock history.

4: Start Me Up

The Stones had been working on this song for quite a few years before Keith found the perfect riff for it

3: Bitch

The debate over if Sticky Fingers is the best Stones album is endless, it’s playing like this that will make you think it is.

2: Satisfaction

Keith says that the riff for Satisfaction came to him in a dream and he recorded it as quick as he could. Good thing he didn’t oversleep because it’s become one of their most defining works. As a bonus, watch the video above to see Keith use his guitar as a baseball bat when a fan rushes the stage.

1: Happy

Keith takes the mic and explodes into his signature song. Happy 75th Birthday Keith, I bet the next 75 will be rocking




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