5 best guitar solos from Chicago’s Terry Kath

Looking back at Chicago’s Terry Kath who passed away 41 years ago. Kath had been called “better than me” by Jimi Hendrix and his unique guitar pyrotechnics really propelled the band’s early sound.

5: South California Purples- Chicago Transit Authority 1969

Written by Robert Lamm, this slow bluesy track rumbles forward from the power of Kath’s guitar. Take note of the nod to The Beatles in the middle.

4: Lowdown- Chicago III 1971

Terry Kath made prominent use of the fuzzbox and wah-wah pedal on this Peter Cetera sung track.

3: Sing A Mean Tune Kid- Chicago III 1971

This track that opens the album Chicago III showcases the band utilizing elements of funk. Kath’s wild guitar solo threatens to spin off the rails, but always returns back to the groove.

2: Introduction- Chicago Transit Authority 1969

Where it all started. This track opens up Chicago’s debut album and gave the world the first listen to Kath’s deep soulful voice and a solo that completely smokes.

1: 25 or 6 to 4- Chicago II 1970

What more can be said, a perfect track from beginning to end. Terry Kath’s guitar may have never sounded more fluid than this song.



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