RIP Tom Petty – Legend of Classic Rock

He was one of my favorite artists.

Mudcrunch, Travelling Wilbury’s and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers were the vehicles of his creativity & incredible talent with over 80 million in album sales.

After we all have been struggling with the tragic event in Las Vegas, we get gut punched again.

I’m sitting here listening to Freedman play his music, his incredible lyrics and sadly we have to accept he is gone.

Words from celebrities and fans continue to talk about Tom Petty and his impact on music.

His songs had passion and fire…

his videos creativity…

he always thought of the last D.J.

where he was when he was a Wilbury

or when he was Free Fallin…

he cared.

Taught by Don Felder of the Eagles and once a member of the grounds keeping crew of Florida he was on a path of his own. He cared strongly about his own artistic control and went bankrupt rather than not fight record companies trading him like a piece of meat.

We were all lucky to have Tom Petty in our lives.


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