October 9, 2015
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Dave Fernandez

I was born the half breed child of a human school teacher and a Vulcan ambassador.  Unfortunately my background isn’t as exciting as that. For some reason or another I had a strong desire to be in “radio”…as a child I would record my own shows, complete with music and fake interviews with the stars.  I began to take these tapes to stations in whatever area of the country I was living in at the time.  Sometime in 1986, I received a call from Greg Steinman, PD for KTQM/KWKA in Clovis, New Mexico and as they say the rest is history!  I moved to Lubbock in 2001 with my wife Esther and my son Christopher and daughter Kyri (Yes it’s short for Kyrie…I had a Mr Mister complex in the 80’s) and in 2002 I scored the afternoon gig here at ROCK 101.1.  I left the air for a brief time…but as Al Pacino said in Godfather 3….”Just when I think I’m Out, They Pull Me Back In!”
Original Series Or Next Generation: Maybe it’s because I grew up with the reruns…or maybe I can sum it up in two words…SPOCKS BRAIN!!!
Kirk Or Picard?  Are you kidding me? Kirk hands down.
Favorite band or artist: XTC…Check them out…a band out of Swindon, England.  Came into the music scene around the same time as the Police…but due to extreme stage fright of the lead singer…never got the exposure they deserve…think of them as a sonic cross between, the Beatles, the Kinks and the Beach Boys.  Sharp lyrics and a wonderful landscape of sound!
Favorite rock concert: The Police Reunion at the MGM in Las Vegas on my birthday…does it get any better than that?
Oh and did I say that I got to meet the TWO SPOCKS in Vegas? Yep…the one and only Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto.  Now if only I can meet William Shatner in person, then I can die a happy man!
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