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Posts from February 2014
by Sean Dillon posted Feb 10 2014 3:29PM
Def Leppard is releasing a Deluxe Edition of SLANG TOMORROW containing the original 11 album tracks re-mastered and original rare bonus tracks made up of demos, alternate versions and mixes with a series of new songs recorded during the time the band was creating Slang. Most of these additional bonus tracks have never been released. A special iTunes Digital Edition will have everything from the Digital Edition, plus a further set of additional bonus tracks. A "Double Vinyl Deluxe Edition" will also be available and will feature the original album, and its own set of exclusive songs.

It's the only Def Leppard album that does not feature their recognisable logo on the album cover which has ALWAYS bothered me.

But this album is an album of pure emotions.  So many things happened before the album was released and you could hear it on the album.  The songs have a pain, a longing, an anger. 

Was it something with the dark times with arrests of band members, family deaths, or was it just time to move on to a new sound?  No Mutt Lange, to handcuff them, to the Def Leppard standards of the past; there was agony and honesty and it was groundbreaking.

I'll be picking it up, not just to add to my collection, but to enjoy the additional drafts of songs that never made the 1st album and the 1st thoughts on some music that I didn't appreciate until today.

I'll let you know what I think of it...
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by Sean Dillon posted Feb 6 2014 11:45AM
One of the most corrupt and immoral nations bought the Olympics and we should be celebrating?  Russia spent 51 BILLION dollars on building the biggest boondoggle since the US Govt paid $800 for toilet seats.

But what do we expect? The Olympics are a farce. They are a political hot potato that nobody deserves.

Corruption is one of the rings of the Olympic Ideals, faster, higher, more crooked.  Salt Lake City's winter Olympics was filled with payoffs and corruption so this isn't just a "the US is better than the Ruskies" post.

It's about what the Olympics brings to an area. The goal should be tourism, and new venues that can be used for the benefit of the community.

How many venues were built for Olympic games and destroyed? I'll give you Sarajevo and their war, but come on, why waste money for a two week project that tickets are STILL available to?

Putin got his Olympics, he's still the power in Russia, but with every #SochiProblems post on Twitter or #SochiFail I see, I laugh.

Enjoy your bought Olympics 45 minutes away from the town that it is named for. Enjoy the debt and the buildings that surround the swamp of Sochi.

Cause the US, will be celebrating Gold... that is unless the refs for the 1972 Olympic Basketball team are out of retirement.
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by Sean Dillon posted Feb 4 2014 10:00AM
The words, PLEASE and THANK YOU. They are simple words and yet so many of us screw it up.  We think when we ask for something that a please is automatically understood.

"Can you get me that Phillips head, Dick?"

Now, now matter if the guy's name is DIck or not, how much nicer would have it been had said...

"Can you please get me that Phillips head, Dick?"

But we don't say it. 

We're too lazy.  We don't give a damn. We care about our lives, our problems and only when our problems can be fixed by others are we insulted by THEIR actions.

"Hey DICK, why didn't you get me the F'in Phillips head?"

So, don't be a dick, use common courtesy.... please?

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