January 31, 2015
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Sean Dillon has opinions... tell him how he is wrong... or cheer that he is right!
by Sean Dillon posted Jan 29 2015 10:00AM

Yup, I've determined what I want to do when weekend jock Kansas gets out of line...

Somehow a Canadian convinced his friends to let him fly a drone at them...

But Sean, that's not that bad.

What if he was firing Roman Candles at them?

Yeah... don't try this at home kiddies!

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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 27 2015 11:26AM
Americans are feeling sweet about romance as Valentine's Day approaches, with consumers expected to spend big this year on candy, jewelry and flowers. The average person celebrating the holiday on February 14 (a Saturday) expects to spend $142.31 in the name of love, about $8 more than last year.

What do you consider the best part of Valentine's Day?
by Sean Dillon posted Jan 23 2015 9:05AM

Will Seattle win or will New England win?

Sean predicts a Seahawk win.

Freedman predicts he will be drinking & watching commercials.

Kansas predicts a Patriot victory.

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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 22 2015 10:40AM

Before I start, I will not be accepting the following comments from New England Patriots fans:
  1. "Everybody's doing it."
  2. "You just hate Belichick / Belichick knew nothing"
  3. "We would have won without the deflated balls."
  4. "This is such a made up story."
Here are the reasons why you are wrong.

My mom is an incredible woman and when I was growing up I would watch other people on skateboards, jumping their bikes across the dry creek bed outside our Mid-Cities home. I wanted to join them and she stopped quote #1 in its infancy.

"Just because 'everyone' are doing it, doesn't make it right nor does it make it ok for you to do it."

So instead of jumping bikes with everyone else, I watched as a kid missed the ramp, fell and broke his arm. Mom was right. We've all drove above the speed limit. Some of us have gotten tickets for it. When we get pulled over, how many of us tried the "well, everyone is doing it," excuse? How did that work out for you? Not too good eh? So it doesn't matter who was doing what. The NFL caught the Patriots violating the rules.

I don't hate Belichick. I really don't. I wish he would have been more of a visionary when he was coaching the Cleveland Browns. I wish that he didn't run an offensive scheme that put most everyone in Municipal Stadium to sleep. But his arrogance will be his own downfall. You cannot claim to be "shocked" to hear that this was happening. You are the head coach & general manager. Sean Payton tried the "well I didn't know about Bountygate" excuse. How did that work out for him? He spent a year watching football from his Barca lounger.

But Sean, the Patriots dominated Indy. Someone even said that Blount could have been carrying a beach ball and the Colts couldn't stop him. STOP. Go to a mirror. Look in the mirror and say, "I can cheat at my job & we are so dominant that it wouldn't matter." Did you smile? Yeah, thought so. Just because they could have done it before cheating makes it twice as bad. The Patriots could have won versus Indy without cheating. So why did they? Did they cheat versus Baltimore, a team they barely beat? See once you get caught cheating… it doesn't matter WHEN you play. You will always have people looking at you wondering if you are playing on the up and up.

So it does matter.

Finally, this isn't a made up story. This is a story about ethics in the NFL. While the NFL has swept domestic violence, child + drug abuse under the rug this year to its public relations detriment, this new –gate threatens the NFL in a new way.

Its integrity.

The NFL's year is more approaching story lines of the WWE than of great players of NFL past. Roger Goodell has one thing up his sleeve.
Some media people bring up NFL rule 17, as a solution, giving the Colts a chance to replay the game. This won't happen. Not one chance in a billion would this happen.

But Roger has already set a precedent with Sean Payton. Payton said that he "didn't know," yet he was punished for a year because "he should have."

The solution will not ease the pains of Baltimore or Indianapolis fans.

The penalty will be announced after the Super Bowl to the media's surprise. (sarcasm intended)

Goodell can either save the NFL or make it closer to HE HATE ME.

But it is up to him to act, swiftly and with logic.

He needs to remove 1st round draft picks for the next 2 years for the Patriots, giving them to Baltimore and Indianapolis respectfully, and remove Bill Bellichick from the position of GM/Coach for a period not to be less than one year.

If he does that, or something so punitive that the entire football nation says, "Holy crap, I don't want to get caught with that penalty looming over me", then he will regain some of the respect that he lost in 2014.

If he doesn't, and decides to do something lesser, a mere slap on the wrist, Goodell will go down as one of the worst commissioners in United States sports history.

It's not just about fairness. I have a friend's son who loves football and wants to play for Texas Tech and in the NFL. One of the things his YFL coach told him when he was young was, "Let's play the game fair because if you cheat, you will sit on the bench for the rest of the game. Shake hands with them win or lose! This isn't your life, but you are should be enjoying a great game with friends, so go out there and let's have fun. Ok? Fun on 3."

It's your move Roger. Fun on 3.

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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 22 2015 10:35AM
Celebrating 40 years, RUSH and Live Nation confirmed that the "R40 Live" tour will visit 34 cities throughout North America this summer beginning May 8 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and finishing August 1 in Los Angeles, California. These not-to-be-missed concerts will highlight four decades of the band's music.

Tickets for the "R40 Live" tour will go on sale starting January 30 in select markets at Ticketmaster.com and LiveNation.com.

After 40 years together and 20 gold and platinum studio albums, RUSH is ready to celebrate with the most loyal fans in the world by embarking on their 21st tour, one which will most likely be their last major tour of this magnitude.

The dates are as follows:

May 08 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center
May 10 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena
May 12 - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
May 14 - St. Louis, MO - Scottrade Center
May 16 - Austin, TX - 360 Ampitheater
May 18 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
May 20 - Houston, TX - The Toyota Center
May 22 - New Orleans, LA - Smoothie King Center
May 24 - Tampa, FL - Amalie Arena
May 26 - Atlanta, GA - Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre
May 28 - Greensboro, NC - The Greensboro Coliseum
May 30 - Bristow, VA - Jiffy Lube Live
Jun. 08 - Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena
Jun. 10 - Buffalo, NY - First Niagara Center
Jun. 12 - Chicago, IL - United Center
Jun. 14 - Detroit, MI - Palace Of Auburn Hills
Jun. 17 - Toronto, Ontario, CAN - Air Canada Centre
Jun. 19 - Toronto, Ontario, CAN - Air Canada Centre
Jun. 21 - Montreal, Quebec, CAN - Bell Centre
Jun. 23 - Boston, MA - TD Garden
Jun. 25 - Philadelphia, PA - The Wells Fargo Center
Jun. 27 - Newark, NJ - Prudential Center
Jun. 29 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
Jul. 09 - Kansas City, KS - Sprint Center
Jul. 11 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
Jul. 13 - Salt Lake City, UT - Maverik Center
Jul. 15 - Calgary, Alberta, CAN - Scotiabank Saddledome
Jul. 17 - Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN - Rogers Arena
Jul. 19 - Seattle, WA - Key Arena
Jul. 21 - Portland, OR - Moda Center
Jul. 23 - San Jose, CA - Sap Center At San Jose
Jul. 25 - Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand Garden Arena
Jul. 27 - Phoenix, AZ - Us Airways Center
Jul. 30 - Irvine Meadows, CA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Aug. 01 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

Over the course of their amazing career, RUSH has lived a lifetime together, providing an influential soundtrack to many of their fans' lives. Some have been with them since the start, while others have discovered them along the way and delved into their incredible body of work. To quote Dave Grohl from their momentous induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, "RUSH built their following the right way. No hype, no bullshit, they did it from the ground up. Their legacy is incredible and their influence undeniable."

RUSH's vast catalogue includes such classics as 1974's self-titled debut, 1976's "2112", 1981's "Moving Pictures", 1996's "Test For Echo", and 2002's "Vapor Trails". RUSH released their 20th studio album, "Clockwork Angels", in 2012 via Anthem/Roadrunner. The critically acclaimed collection marked their first studio recording since 2007's "Snakes & Arrows", and debuted at #1 in Canada and #2 on The Billboard 200, matching the highest chart debut of the band's career. Known for their energetic live shows, the most recent RUSH release was the "R40" collector's box set including live footage spanning all four decades of the trio's career, including over two hours of unreleased material and a rare performance of the seven-part version of "2112" packaged in an impressive 52-page hardcover book.

Their longevity has served a pop culture renaissance, with the band's rare television appearance — their first in over 30 years — on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report", tributes on "South Park" and a memorable cameo in the film "I Love You, Man". A live review from their most recent "Clockwork Angels" tour boasted "the power-trio interplay could put guys half their age in the burn ward," while The Globe & Mail declared RUSH as "one of the few bands anywhere that just keeps getting better." A career-chronicling Rolling Stone feature summed up the renowned rock trio's continuing artistic vitality by observing, "It's true that RUSH doesn't mean today what it did in '76 or even '96. It may mean more."

by Sean Dillon posted Jan 19 2015 12:04PM
What a Super yawnnnnnnnn will this be. In one corner, you have the defending Super Bowl DOMINANT champ Seattle Seahawks, versus the Tom Brady, ugg wearing, underflating New England Cheatriots with Bill Belicheat at the head.

Surpisingly to none, the NFL is investigating if the Cheatriots were using an underinflated ball yesterday versus the Colts. Most days I would just say, "So what? The Colts were totally out matched." BUT this is the playoffs, where a higher expectation of fair play should be expected.

Most people think that the NFL should just take away more draft picks from the Cheatriots and fine Belicheat.

I say no.

Remove Belicheat from the league for a year. He has proven with "Spygate" that he is already willing to cross the ethical line. Now it is time to make him pay a price. No fine / draft picks will be enough to hurt a team like the Cheatriots.

The NFL has already said that a bounty system was worth a coach losing a year. What about cheating?
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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 9 2015 3:28PM
Ravens vs Pats
It's Foxboro, cold and miserable. But these two teams could face each other 1000 times and I couldn't care less. I was told I had to pick a winner, but I can't. I'll pick the Pats to suck less.

Carolina vs Seattle
A trip to the NFC Championship game is up for grabs and what would make me happier than anything else would be a Panthers win. But Seattle has too many skilled defensive players, they are at the home of the 12th whatever (A&M, just bite me) and I just don't see the 'hawks choking. Seattle by 12

Dallas vs Green Bay
The frozen tundra of Lambaugh Field...
means nothing. Discount Quarterback is injured and a cold torn calf means a change of the offensive philosophy.


Finally the Manning Bowl...

Indy vs Denver.
I could talk about how this is Luck's year and Peyton is on the far back end of a storied career, but it's the playoffs at home with Red Raiders on the team. Denver rolls.

As for the National Championship game...
Ohio State played nobody. the Big 10 blows and I really like Marcus Mariotta.

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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 1 2015 11:59PM
Florida State are a bunch of punks. I don't care if you lost by 3 or 38, you shake hands with your opponent when you are finished. It's good sportsmanship.

Mr. Winston is a thug. I will give him partial credit for staying and shaking hands unlike 70% of the Florida State team, but he is another loose cannon, a Johnny Manziel, that yes, he has a Heisman, but he doesn't ask like he does.

Mariotta is a star. This kid will star somewhere in the NFL. Honest, loyal, and deferential to his team. He is a leader that will do well in the future.

Alabama's clock management was horrid. My wife was screaming at the TV for them to "spike the ball, hike it, do something!" in the last two minutes but they deserved to lose!

Ohio State isn't as bad as we all thought they were but how much of this game was mismanaged by coaches. Ohio State's QB couldn't be stopped when he ran, but they rarely ran him. Alabama's fullback was a beast... when he got the ball.

I am looking forward to Oregon vs Ohio State because there won't be a SEC school in the 1st College Football Playoff final.

Take Oregon, give the points. Marcus is on a mission!
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