Oops, I did it again.

I am a detailed oriented person. I try to always be prepared for every circumstance and outcome. My wife hates that I plan everything and have a place for everything. If she moves my glasses from where I put them next to the sink to my bedside table, I’m lost.

My wife does this often to make me think I’m losing my mind.

As I said, I like being organized.

I also try and double and triple check spelling, facts and numbers on my social media as well as blog posts. Today I goofed and made a mistake that my wife caught. We both laughed at how silly a mistake it was, I erased the post and put the correct info up.

Then this afternoon my friend Chelsey sent me the cover photo to this article.


What the?

It should be 53rd.

But no, someone went out, not paying attention and put 53th up as part of our streets signs.

Part of me was laughing about it. It was a funny oopsy.  But then there was the other half of me who is annoyed by it. Annoyed that someone may have said that “nobody would notice it,” and just moved on with their day.  “I’m from the 53th street gang,” I can hear someone say now.

It’s the problem that I believe we have with our country right now. We are in such a hurry to get things done that we don’t take the time to look at what’s really going on. We spend our time blaming others instead of taking responsibility ourselves.

So I take responsibility for my typo earlier. I knew it should have been 46 instead of 40 but I apologize and hope you accept it.

As for the street sign… somebody at City Hall better have it fixed.


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