I’m here to do a job,

Calls from my parents and friends after sporting events are always interesting because I say some intentionally interesting things to draw responses.

Joe Buck

It’s my job to make people think, maybe it isn’t my paid job, but I feel that if you are thinking you are better than 90% of the humans who are sheep.

On my personal Facebook profile, I mentioned the following:

How do you make any playoff game unwatchable?

“It’s Joe Buck…”

Now, I don’t have anything personally against Joe, but I disagree with the way he gets involved with a game. Ask any Rangers fan how they think Buck called any World Series game vs the Cardinals and you will get the same response,

“He’s horrible, never said anything good about the Rangers, just fan boyed over the Cardinals.”

My dad is a known Joe Buck hater, and I put that on my page to get him to laugh. Normally if I put something on my page that gets my dad’s attention, I’ll get a call. This was no different. I solicited a response and I got the one I desired. A fun, joyful conversation with my dad with him laughing and me laughing at our mutual disgust for the way Buck was calling the Cowboys – Packers game.

Then the private messages started.

“You know Sean, you can be such a prick, what did Buck ever do to you?”

“Joe Buck is a thousand times better than Chris Collinsworth”

Name Calling

I made my opinion known and some people didn’t like it.  Look we all have opinions and I give mine free of charge. If we can have a reasonable discussion over it I will, but there is always one numb skull who wants to bring a discussion down to name calling.

One day last week, we played Queen’s “We Will Rock You & We Are The Champions,” back to back, like we have done for years.

As soon as it finished, I had the following comment waiting for me (I muted out the profanity):

“It’s 2 different songs you stupid F***s. For decades you have been playing we will rock you followed by we are the Champions. They are 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SONGS. If you are going to play 2 Queen songs back to back follow it up with Killer queen, fat bottom girls, or even bicycle.”

Classic Rock stations have been playing WWRY followed by WATC back to back for decades and will continue to do so. Just because you don’t like something mean you get to right to be profane?

Thanks for taking the time to write. I read every tweet, post and e-mail, and respond appropriately. I can smell the trollers out there like my former girlfriend could smell money.

Professional Trollers:

There are sport trollers out there setting the bait like Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. They need you to be outraged so they get the viewers and or retweets their clients demand of them. They have a desire to be considered important. My favorite thing are the times when people who consider themselves important are put in their place.

My current hero is Columbia Journalism School and writer for Sports Illustrated Richard Deitsch, with a few tweets have shown how the emperors have no clothes:

But the trolls of the world and click bait will continue as long as demands for retweets and likes dominate the landscape.

As for me:

I have a job… and I consider it a duty to have a conversation with you on a frequent basis. I want to know when things are good or bad in your life and I want to share my social life and you are more than welcome to follow along:

My “odd thoughts” tweets live @rock101sean , sports tweets for the station exist @Rock101Pregame , music tweets live @Rock101Lubbock promising separation of Rock & Sports… so you don’t get mad at me for a Texas Tech Football tweet on Rock101Lubbock, and I promise not to have Zeppelin is getting back together on @Rock101Pregame

But as for people who want to troll or get angry at me. I really don’t care. My job is to try and entertain you, let you enjoy some music and occasional sports talk. My friends, family and co-workers are important, I however am not.  I have my views, some are right, some are wrong, but as long as we come together somewhere in the middle over a beverage, I’m sure we will end up saying that both are right. Unless you are a Steelers fan, then you are always wrong.

Thanks for listening:

When you have your hands in so many projects, sometimes you need someone to tell you to wash your hands…

So follow me to be entertained or annoyed and PLEASE feel free to respond in any way.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the views of the preceding were mine alone and may not necessarily be those of Alpha Media USA, our advertisers or a rabid woodchuck staring at you outside your bedroom window.



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