Hello Jetsons, Welcome Kitty Hawk!

When I was young, I always asked my dad where the flying cars were. After all, I watched the Jetson’s and they had them. My dad would always tell me that the future was right around the corner. Then Back to the Future got me excited about self tying shoes and I remembered that promise.

Well Google founder Larry Page might have delivered the future finally!

It’s the Kitty Hawk, what the FAA considers to be an ultralight rather than a plane. All electric has me concerned because of battery life and how long it would take to charge said battery. I like the concept of electric cars but I demand performance from my flying vehicles. Not 0-60 in 4.3 but where the battery last longer than a 2 minute flight. How am I going to get to work flying my ultralight if it is only good for a 5 min jog? How long will I have to wait in-between flights? Will it be only for skinny models, or will it work for the heftier man?

Another sad note is right now, the Kitty Hawk is only “designed to be flown over fresh water.”

Come on Larry, you have me excited, now deliver the goods. Deliver the flying car that I want, I desire, I NEED!

As soon as you do you will make the dream I always had growing up becoming true. It’s still in development with no idea when it will be able to buy. But I’m torn whether I should finish working out the kinks and finish the Mustang up or go flying.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

Yes, I know it’s a commercial for it. No I’m not getting paid for this post. It’s kinda cheesy but what do you expect.

So Larry, when can I “test drive” the Kitty Hawk? We have plenty of fresh water playa lakes that would be PERFECT for a demo!!!



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