Closer to Red Raider Football

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As we get closer to the first game of Red Raider Football 2017 I’m usually asked what are my thoughts are from what I see in practice.

“Can’t tell much,” is my normal answer.

“What, you go to practice, you should be able to tell me what’s really going on.”

Truth is, I don’t know more than what I get to see in the 20 minutes the coaches allow the media to see.

What can I tell from that 1st 20 minutes? First 5-10 is warm ups. I can tell which players suited up and which players are participating.

Next 5-10 minutes is the 1’s and 2’s face each other. I can tell which players are getting 1st team and 2nd team snaps. But, in some cases such tight differences between the 1st & 2nd team what do those 1st 20 minutes of practice mean? Can we compare those snaps versus the 1st team snaps when nobody in the media has an eye on the team?


What we are being shown is what Texas Tech and the coaching staff wants us to report. There could be a giant difference in what we report and what we see the 1st game.

The 1st Game Matters

That’s all that matters.

Until these men hit the field, with the Double T on their helmets, we don’t know anything. We can take educated guesses.

I could guess that Jett Duffey is the 2nd team quarterback for the team. It’s an educated guess based on Kliff Kingsbury wouldn’t name Carter or Sullins as backup.

So what else do we know?

Dominic Panazzollo is the punter. He’s the only one on the roster with the P next to his name.

Nic Shimonek is the starting quarterback. He wants it, needs it, desires it, and wants to prove to everyone who is within earshot he deserves it.

So I’ll keep going to every practice Texas Tech opens to the media and I’ll keep an eye on the team.

But the only thing that counts will be the starting lineup announced on September 2nd.


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