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Why the Rangers will win the West.

by Sean Dillon posted Mar 20 2014 10:48AM
The Rangers will win the A.L. West this year. I have no doubt in my mind.

They have leadership.

Michael Young and Ian Kinsler are gone. Michael was an unhappy leader, and Ian didn't want the pressure of being a leader. When you have people who don't want to lead, their teams will not want to follow. Refer to the last two years if you aren't convinced.

People have told me that getting Prince Fielder was a mistake. "He's old, too fat, and we paid too much."

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

One of the weakness of the Rangers the past two years was they did not have a solid hitting 1st basemen. Please Moreland apologists, STOP. You can't convince me that Mitch the Bitch was worth 500k for .230 batting average. Hell, current salesperson for Rock 101.1 , former NY Yankees pitching prospect and cousin to Evan Gattis, Randy Gattis could hit .230.

The Rangers sent someone who didn't want to lead away, and in the end got a better bat and a motivated player who wants to win.

I call that one of the MANY reasons why the Texas Rangers will win the A.L. West this year. More as we get closer to the season!
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03/19/2014 11:03AM
Why the Rangers will win the West.
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