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Why Tech Won...

by Sean Dillon posted Dec 31 2013 9:53AM
FACT: Texas Tech beat Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl last night.
Arizona State fans have already brought up the following facts... and fiction.

FACT: Arizona State was without its leading rusher.
FICTION: That he could have made and significant effort vs the Red Raider Defense.  

This was the defense that Tech fans were excited about all season. They were flying to the ball.  With the exception of two long runs, 1 on a fluke fumble recovery, the defense was healthy and hungry.

FACT: Arizona State was without one of its leading pass rushers.
FICTION: That another pass rusher could have helped against Davis Webb.

Webb spent the evening under pressure, not as much pressure as Paul Blake felt in Necessary Roughness, but all the same didn't do anything but TAKE what Arizona State gave them. Backside receivers , underneath passes and selected draws, with a healthy donation of balls to now exiting Tight End Jace Amaro. Which brings up our next point.

FACT: Jace Amaro couldn't be stopped.

I don't have a counterpoint this this one. It's just a fact. Amaro was the most dominating possesion receiver on the field. He was the clutch catch again and again. 

FACT: Texas Tech was hungry.
FICTION: Arizona State wasn't.

Coach Kingsbury said in the post game interview that the ESPN scroll predicting Texas Tech would lose by 22 was a motivaton for the team. It better have been.

I've said for years that respect isn't earned by the close losses. It's won by taking it, kicking and screaming. By beating your hated enemy over and over again.

Tech won because nobody gave them a chance to win. They came healthy, hungry and hated that everyone was dissing their family.

Tech must win more games like this, for this is how you gain respect.

So in Kliff's 1st year Tech went 8-5 and won the Holiday Bowl vs Arizona State. 
In Tommy Tuberville's 1st year as coach, Tech went 8-5 and won the Ticket City bowl game vs Northwestern.
In Mike Leach's 1st year as coach, Tech went 7-6 and lost in the GalleryFurniture.com Bowl to East Carolina.
In Spike Dykes 1st year as coach Tech went 7-5 and lost the Independence Bowl to Ole Miss.

I'm not interested in year 1. I'm interested in year 3 . In all of the above, year 3 were all 9 game winners with the exception of Tuberville. 

If you want to develop this team, keep focusing on developing players, strive to Beat Texas each year and be hungry. 

Cause the hungry team ALWAYS gets fed.
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12/31/2013 10:34AM
Why Tech Won...
Sean's spouting truth... or is he?
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