December 17, 2014
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by Sean Dillon posted Nov 9 2014 11:00AM
The College Football Playoff is here and yesterday SEC schools had a case of Donkey vs. Donkey violence. Yes, we all knew that not all of the SEC schools would make the Top 4 for the playoff even with the embarrassing scheduling that they do every year.

But there is no way the playoff expands to 8 or 16 until we truly have a mess.

I'm asking for a majority of the top 10 to take it in the gas pipe, choking like Auburn did yesterday to A&M. I want teams like Florida State to be embarrassed and have to BEG to get into the playoff.

Without controversy, we're going to be dealing with the BCS crap again, and how did THAT end up?

So Top 10 teams, choke. For the good of the playoffs!

Am I wrong? Tell me below!
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by Sean Dillon posted Nov 4 2014 7:51PM

The votes have been cast and our country has elected officials. Some old, some new, but in the end democracy has won again. It wins because we have spirited campaigns filled with obnoxious ads, phone calls asking if we have voted and it is finally over.

We get to enjoy our lives again.

There will be fighting in the House, Senate and the White House over topics that will drive us all crazy, but we don’t have to worry about that now.

We get to worry about our kids, families and futures.

No, we won’t get everything that we want. There are issues that we all care about, the economy, jobs and immigration as well as health care.

But, let’s make a deal. We put this all off a couple of days. Let's just enjoy tomorrow with our friends, family and community.

Because, iIt’s just 276 days until the caucuses for 2016 presidential insanity starts all OVER again!

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by Sean Dillon posted Nov 1 2014 2:01PM
Dear Texas Political Candidates, I have an offer that will guarantee my vote this and all election cycles thereafter.

Here is my challenge.

Since Texas A&M has left for the SEC and they really don't want to have to play Texas Tech or UT anymore, I want to challenge you to force them to do so. We need them as a patsy, an easy win.

Do you want my vote?

Propose a amendment to the Texas Constitution that says "The State of Texas will take 50% of Texas A&M's portion of the Permanent University Fund and reallocate it to Texas Tech University and distribute the remaining portion to any 4 year institution in the State of Texas until there is a time where Texas A&M plays Texas Tech & UT in football yearly, If UT decides that they don't want to play Texas A&M, their portion of the PUF fund will also be distributed as mentioned above."

Propose that, and let the fireworks begin.

Because every moron who claims that there is a "equality" across the state of Texas can chew on whatever BS they think.

So do you want my vote? Then do something FOR Texas Tech instead of the lip service.

Help Tech gain a better footing vs the EVIL in Austin & College Station.

I'll be waiting your phone call.
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by Sean Dillon posted Oct 31 2014 8:00PM

It’s Halloween and the trick or treaters are all around my neighborhood. But they won’t take a pair of Texas Tech Red Raider tickets from me.

“It’s a trick,” they say!

Yes, it is.

The Red Raiders are still a young team, and I still believe that we are at least 2-3 years away from a championship caliber team.

It isn't just players, UT gets the best of the best recruits in Texas, but they haven't sniffed a championship in 4 years.

It takes experience and time.

What don’t we have right now? We don’t have seasoned anything. In the past Texas Tech was filled with the Good Ole Boys network. We were filled with experience, but were not filled with excitement.

Now, Texas Tech has excitement and the power of youth, but we also have a degree of arrogance and immaturity.

The team that we pray will come around in the future will depend on the paths that are taken by all the players:

2013, a sophomore quarterback and two freshman QB’s – How did that end up?
2014, a sophomore quarterback and two freshman QB’s – 2nd verse, same as the 1st.


Expect a rebuilding of the mindset of both the coaching staff and the student athletes.

Expect a team that we should love without the expectations of winning… YET

Because the more pressure we put on this team, the bigger disappointment they will be.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders will return to the top of the Big 12, just not for the next 2 years.

That will be the treat we all deserve!

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by Sean Dillon posted Oct 10 2014 1:17PM

Rock 101.1 and Uptown Autos at 58th and Franford want you to win a trip to see Fleetwood Mac December 12th in Denver.

You could win hotel, airfare and tickets to the show.


Stop by Uptown Autos at 58th & Frankford or Backstage 50th and Memphis to get signed up.

Then listen for your name at 10a, 12n, 2p and 4p. When you hear it, call back in 10 minutes and you are qualified.

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