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Dear Jerry

by Sean posted Nov 12 2013 9:37AM
Your fans are worried. You decided to make a change and fire Rob Ryan last year. You allowed the boys to move from the 3-4.
You look like you haven't had fiber in a while.
And as your loyal fans, we're beginning to worry that you are going to do something drastic. Please do not move up in the draft to get Johnny Football.  Please get Sean Lee & Morris Clairborne some help. You are approaching Al Davis NUTSO territory. One sign of you wearing a sweat suit and as fans we're demanding someone else take over.

Admit you were an idiot for firing Rob Ryan.

Then step down as GM and enjoy drinking in the owners box.

Let your head coach do his job without the fear of you making another crucial mistake.

You may be leading the division but Tony Romo isn't giving up 400+ yards of offense and the defense needs help NOW.

Get off your ass and stop floating the , "I'm going to hire a new Head Coach rumor."


Draft Defense or resign as GM!
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11/12/2013 9:49AM
Dear Jerry
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