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Why Not DFW?

by Sean posted Nov 11 2013 11:23AM
The U.S. hasn’t hosted an Olympics since the 2002 Winter Games. Right now the United States is in the middle of its longest stretch between hosting since 1932 and 1960.

Right now with the recent Boston World Series win, the city of Boston wants to host the games. I've been through Massachusets and my only response is HELL NO! I just don't see it happening. Too much to build and too much political graft to get through.

But why not the Dallas-Ft Worth area?

You have Jerry World for the opening ceremonies, plenty of arenas and facilities around the DFW area to host differing events, and it would be the kick in the ass that the area needs to get serious about new construction of infrastructure that would benefit the DFW area for years after the Olympics leave.

This isn't a money maker. Let's make that PERFECTLY clear. Very few Olympics ever see a profit.

But if you can build the infrastructure that would help in the future for the area it would be truly benefitial.

That's what I think, what say you?
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11/11/2013 11:30AM
Why Not DFW?
Should Dallas - Ft Worth attempt to bring the Olympics to Texas?
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