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Off Target

by Sean Dillon posted Jan 10 2014 8:00AM
70 million people.  The Target computer hack has allowed criminals to potentially hurt 70 MILLION Americans. To put that into perspective, that's 22% of the population of the USA.

“I know that it is frustrating for our guests to learn that this information was taken and we are truly sorry they are having to endure this,” said Gregg Steinhafel, chairman, president and chief executive officer. But in other words Target said, "Oops," but in the end will pay a deeper price.

My wife USED to go to Target. She went 4 times from Black Friday to Christmas. But now she won't touch it. She looks every day at her account, double checking her bank who have assured us that, "We have taken appropriate precautions."

But her question is, "How can I go back to a company and support them, when didn't care to defend my payment information?"

I don't have an answer for her when she asked.

But I do now.

It's Target's fault, and you are punishing them the only way you can, by not shopping with them. The only way you can get a retailers attention is where it counts, their pocketbook. I've been part of many protests, social media and in person, but in the end, all protests lose energy and fade. However, if you keep from spending money and help their competitor, they will get the message.

I have a friend who works in Target and he feels bad that this happened, but there is nothing he could do to prevent it. He knows that people are mad and angry, but he thinks that this is just the beginning, "If you think that this will be the only security breach, you're wrong. We're now entering a period where it may be a monthly occurrence."

That should scare the hell out of all of us.

So Target, we understand your oops. We probably will forgive you, but no more of the 20, 40, 70 million. Give it to us straight, fix the problem and try and keep from having it happen again.
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01/10/2014 9:57AM
Off Target
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