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This could be the end of the NCAA!

by Sean Dillon posted Jul 19 2013 1:22PM
Most players, CURRENT players are joining the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit and if they win, I predict the end of the NCAA.
The O'Bannon suit has sought damages for current athletes for some time. But until now, the plaintiffs were comprised of former college athletes, mostly in men's basketball, such as O'Bannon, Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson.Adding the new plaintiffs attempts to address Wilken's position about the injunctive class, which includes active athletes and seeks damages from current lucrative TV contracts in college sports. The plaintiffs want a 50-50 split of television revenue, saying money generated by the licensing and sale of class members' names temporarily can be held in trust until their college career ends.If Wilken certifies the suit as a class action, thousands of former and current football and men's basketball players could join the case and potentially change how college athletes are compensated. Certification would also put the NCAA in the position of facing billions of dollars in damages if it lost the suit at trial. 

Ed O'Bannon lawsuit adds current college football players vs. NCAA


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07/19/2013 12:22PM
This could be the end of the NCAA!
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