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Texas Tech vs UT

by Sean posted Nov 3 2012 2:38PM

I'm here in the press box for the first half and I'll give you my thoughts as the game goes on.

As a reminder, play fair, have fun, Go Tech.

I've never understood how two penalties, one a 5 yard and the other a 15 yard could offset.  Just encourages players to play dirty.

Tech is stopped and has to punt.

Defense with the exception of the first play is hungry to eat David Ash.

The fans are excited. Almost a full stadium with the exception of the UT fan section which is 1/4 empty.

Longhorns up 7-0. I really hate UT fans.

Michael Crabtree is in the house for the game and we have our first unnecessary fireworks firing.

How does the Red Raiders respond to this 3 and out and quick UT TD.

A delay of game off of a change of posession.  That's how. 

Fans are in a mix of Black and Red. I'd really like to see the team enforce a RED only policy. They are the RED Raiders.

Darrin Moore with a first ddwn catch and Eric Stephens with a another 1st down catch thereafter. Start the ball rolling...

Eric Ward gets the Red Raiders into the Red Zone.

Big 3rd down and 9 for the Red Raiders at the 19.  Fade maybe? How about a QUICK STRIKE to Tyson Williams for a 1st and goal for the Red Raiders.

TOUCHDOWN RED RAIDERS - Kenny Williams With 5:52 in the first Red Raiders have tied it up 7 up and we have a ballgame folks.

(Multiple Guess) I think the best part of a Texas Tech / UT game is just the spirited a. competition, b. taunting UT fans or c. counting Mack Brown as he claps.

The talking heads are saying that David Ash has to beat Tech with his arm. So far, he's winning.

Touchdown UT. 14-7.

I think if there is 28 pts in the 1st quarter the over is safe!

There has been a lot of pushing and shoving after the play by both teams.  Can the refs control this bottled up enthusiasm by both teams or will a brawl break out?

The brawl breaks out with a UT player tearing a helmet off a Red Raider player for an automatic 15 yard face mask moving a touchback to the Red Raider 40. 

Darrin Moore Jr is BIG TIME. Makes a great 3rd and 11 catch and after the play a personal foul gets called on Waddle creating a 1st and 10 for the RR at the RR 37.

I wonder why a UT player can be draped over a receiver and nothing gets called, the crowd is with me.

No matter Eric Ward with yet another BIG Catch and the chains roll on.

The misdirection trap by Kenny Williams and the Red Raiders are back in the Red Zone, as the first quarter comes to an end with UT up 14-7 .

This one is going to be great!

After a review of a close play Tech has 3rd and 10 at the 16. No conversion and the Red Raiders have to kick a FG.

It's good. 14-10 Texas with 13:56 left in the half,

The Chain Gang is in and they are gone.

Defense hasn't shown up. 75 yard TD pass, 21-10 UT. But a taunting penalty will move the kickoff back 15 yards.

Dear Offense,

We can't trade TD's for FG's.

Score Touchdowns,


Red Raider Fans.

Tech will start at the 41 to start after a big run back.

Fans are starting to grumble.

4th and 2 and the boo birds begin as the punt team comes on the field.

Punt to UT 9 yard line.

This is the ball game. (Dramatic music begins)

Big 3rd down for the defense. A punt changes this game, a conversion further demoralizes Tech.

The answer, Le Punt.

A 32 yard punt off the side of the side of the foot and the Red Raiders start at the UT 46.

Kenny Williams is PUNISHING UT  with a 16 yard first down run.

Approaching the Red Zone... (MUST GET A TD)

But a 12 man in the huddle and a chop block move the Red Raiders back to the UT 35, 1st and 30.

The Refs are in UT's pocket. A tackle out of bounds was "deemed legal"

Ryan Bustin  from 41 is GOOD!

Texas Tech down 21-13.

But I am BEYOND happy for Tommy Tuberville who BLEW A GASKET and got right in the White Hats face after  the FG throwing his plays to the ground and had to be pulled away from the ref. 


Another stop would be nice defense.

I have a feeling, just a feeling that the team will be totally different after Tommy T gets to scream at them at halftime.

So would you be happy if UT is held to a FG? I am. But it will be a 42 yard FG? Time to ice the kicker? Really?

Iceing the kicker NEVER WORKS!

1:09 with 2 time outs.

Come on, Let's Doege!

MUST SCORE TD before halftime. MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST.... cause UT will start out with the ball in the 2nd half.

Speed Kills....

Pass to Ward for 20 to the Tech 45.

Moore to the UT 47 and a Texas Tech time out. 00:39 left.


The commentators are confused. I'm confused.

The 2 min drill was totally ineffective.

UT 24 - Tech 13.

I'll be on the field for the second half. Rest of my thoughts on Monday at 10 after the Shut Up & Rock Block.


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11/03/2012 2:50PM
Texas Tech vs UT
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