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Take the safe ride home tonight...

by Sean Dillon posted Dec 31 2013 5:00PM

If you feel like you need to get home safe, PLEASE CALL A CAB! We want you back safe at home for 2014. Lubbock Cab Companies are staffed up and ready to go tonight. Be PATIENT! BE SAFE! ROCK ON!


Yellow Cab Company 765-7777                  Checker of Texas 771-8899

Safe Ride is a service provided through Student Transportation Fees for taxi pickup anywhere within the Lubbock City Limits and delivery to one’s residence. (Please note that this does not include service to and from the airport or bus station). It is available from 10:00pm - 4:00am nightly by calling 742-RIDE (7433). The only requirements are that students must have a valid Texas Tech ID and be taken to a residence.


Answers to Common Myths about Safe Ride

  • You DO NOT have to be drunk - Safe Ride will pick you up anywhere for any reason to take you home
  • You will not be sent to Alcoholics Anonymous
  • We will not tell your parents
  • Things to know

  • 1:30-2:30 am is a busy time - Please be patient
  • If you change your mind, please call to cancel - When students don't call, we are wasting time that could be used getting someone else picked up...Sometimes you ARE the person waiting, while other students are wasting our time
  • Drivers are NOT allowed to stop at Whataburger, McDonalds, Stripes, etc - Please don't ask
  • Drivers are NOT allowed to take you to a bar, restaurant, the mall, or ANY other business
  • You MUST have your student (not staff) ID, not just "know your 'R' number
  • Tips for students using Safe Ride (not requirements, just tips)

  • Watch for your taxi - Bars and parties are loud - you might not hear the phone
  • Answer your phone
  • Keep your cell phone in your hand or somewhere that you can hear it ring and/or vibrate, just in case
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    12/31/2013 8:17PM
    Take the safe ride home tonight...
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