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Super Bowl..... puff, puff, pass

by Sean Dillon posted Jan 21 2014 12:00PM

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So we knew it was coming.

The two states who have legalized marijuana use have teams in the Super Bowl.

What does this mean?

Not a damn thing. But people are going to make graphics like the one I've used as an example.

When my sister was sick and dying with Cancer, she used marijuana. The pain and stress of chemotherapy was just too much. Was it legal? Hell no. Did we all turn our heads and allow her the one illegal thing she ever did. Hell yes.

Why is this an issue?  Why can't we stop butting our heads into things that don't affect us and rather into fixing the debt, lowering all our taxes and making health care not the laughing stock of the world. 

How about we increase teachers salaries, give hand ups instead of hand outs, make people earn their keep in this world and go after companies (criminals) that ship jobs overseas rather than help people that want to work. Why can't we help small business people succeed?

But I digress.

I think that Denver is too strong a team and Peyton will win in New York.

Prediction and contraversy in one blog post...
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01/21/2014 12:12PM
Super Bowl..... puff, puff, pass
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