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Subscription models that fail...

by Sean Dillon posted Jan 3 2014 10:19AM
So my brother asked me my opinion of Hulu Plus... so I thought I'd share it with you also.

I love Hulu. Love the concept of finding some of my old favorites and even new series where I can sit and binge on a single show for a weekend.

But I think Hulu Plus is stupid because their subscription model is useless. 

Hulu provides GREAT video streaming services to the web and the web only. Want to watch it on a television , you're hosed. Wanna watch it on a phone, hosed again. This is because their licensing with content providers specifically prohibits streaming to devices other than a computer browser.

So I'll look past that and examine the question my brother had...

Why Hulu Plus?

My answer T is easy?


Do you get less commercials? No.

That's like saying I'm paying to get this...

and instead we get ...

Do you get more content? Yes.

Is it worth having to look at commercials and crippleware? No.

People are going to have to complain and whine so Hulu gets off their ass and provide a VALUABLE service if your going to pay for it. After all, you should GET what you pay for. 

So T, enjoy Hulu.

But don't get Hulu + ... YET.


Your Brother

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01/03/2014 10:36AM
Subscription models that fail...
Do you have Hulu Plus? Is Sean Wrong/Right?
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