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Sharknado can't happen. I'm so crushed!

by Sean Dillon posted Jul 12 2013 12:28PM
The film raises a serious question: Could a sharknado happen in real life? Animals often get caught in the paths of tornadoes, but they typically die before they get the chance to harm Tara Reid. An Associated Press report from 1969 describes a Florida tornado that swept through Ocean World. Rather than emboldening the sharks and inspiring heightened, Tara Reid-related bloodlust, the tornado sent the startled animals diving for cover at the bottom of their shallow pool. "We haven't counted the sharks yet," the Ocean World president told the press as his team frantically checked up on the park's valuable fish. In the end, his team had no sharknado to report. Furthermore, even if a sharknado were to somehow form and begin chasing Tara Reid, it is improbable that the whirlwind of shark would pose a danger to humans beyond accidental crushing. (Sharks rarely ever hurt people, and you're more likely to get maimed by your own toilet than by any species of shark.) 

Can a "Sharknado" Really Happen?

Posted via Zocle
07/12/2013 11:28AM
Sharknado can't happen. I'm so crushed!
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