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Posts from August 2013
by Sean Dillon posted Aug 16 2013 10:10AM
Jonathan Bostic says... HELLO!!!!!

Boom Bostic Hit Bears vs Chargers 2013 Preseason

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by Sean posted Aug 15 2013 10:10AM

Would-Be Thieves Arrested After Listening To Chicago Restaurant Owner Who Told Them To Rob Him Later...

Two Chicago men who were trying to rob a restaurant got fooled by the owner, who told them to rob his establishment in a few hours and then called the police on them when they returned.

The would-be thieves, Mario Garcia, 39, and Domingo Garcia-Hernandez, 28, first showed up at the West Rogers Park restaurant on Sunday night at the peak of the restaurant’s business hours, according to MSN Now.

They are now rotting in jail.


by Sean Dillon posted Aug 12 2013 1:23PM

Former Des Plaines teacher pleads guilty to electronic harassment of former student

Barrington resident Jack K. Pickup, 35, was arrested in early July of last year at his parents' home in Barrington and charged with felony grooming and misdemeanor sexual exploitation of a child, said Michael Combs, chief of the McHenry County state's attorney criminal division."Grooming" is defined as attempting to develop a sexual relationship with a minor through friendship. 
I want to know where the background checks were?
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 12 2013 11:10AM

Punter Keeps $1m Casino Prize After Names Mix-up

The Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati may disagree, however, as Saturday at the gambling venue proved a very lucrative day to specifically be called Kevin Lewis. You see, by chance, there were actually two unrelated Kevin Lewis’ in the casino that night, but by the time the casino realized it had handed out its ‘Summer Giveaway’ prize worth $1 million to the wrong one, he had already collected his money, spoken to the media and accepted congratulations from his fellow guests.
Nevertheless, after such an embarrassingly monumental howler it didn’t take long for the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati to bite the bullet and decide to grant both Kevin Lewis’ the huge jackpot. As the casino’s Senior VP Kevin Kline, explains: ” This was our blunder. So, consistent with our commitment to do the right thing for our guests, Horseshoe awarded a $1 million dollar prize to each of the men.”
OOPS.  John Smith, John Smith, please collect your prize here.
Horseshoe Casino did the right thing and give the prize to both men though. Whew. A step away from being enshrined in the Rock 101.1 Moron Hall of Fame
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 8 2013 1:01PM

Throwback Thursday: NFL Cheerleaders | Swim Daily

It’s Aug. 8, which means that exactly one month from today, NFL fans will spend their first of 20 Sundays parked in front of their TV inhaling pro football games all day. And for those who can’t wait another month, the first week of the exhibition season kicks into gear tonight with 12 teams in action. At SwimDaily, we couldn’t ignore such an important event. That’s why we reached into our swimsuit archives for this stash of 2008 photos from the first-ever cheerleader shoot. Happy football season everyone! 
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 8 2013 12:04PM
Dallas Cowboys kid fans PWN Redskins fans.

Cowboys response to redskins training camp fail

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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 8 2013 11:14AM
Your wife or girlfriend too can have a Sharkini!

CNN video on Facebook - Video

Tara Reid not included.
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 7 2013 12:14PM

Widow of fallen Arizona Hotshot firefighter seeks death benefits

The young widow of a firefighter who died with 18 others while battling an Arizona wildfire in June has reportedly been denied the lifetime benefits she sought to raise the couple’s four children.
This is the same thinking that plagues this county.  Do a job, but we're going to hide behind legalese to keep you from getting benefits.  "Oh by the way, you should have talked to your husband better?"  What kind of ASSHATS are running this place?  Do a job, die and we'll forget about you. Selfish weasels!
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 7 2013 11:27AM
Since June, the airline has been flying larger planes in and out of the Hub City to see how they would do. Now they've decided to extend the service for the foreseeable future - welcome news for travelers and the business community alike. 

Will bigger jets bring bigger business to Lubbock?

When my mom flew into Lubbock the 1st time, she got off (with a broken foot) and hobbled her way to me. "This seems nice" she said about Lubbock. "Clean airport, nice people".  But that changed when they brought in the "puddle jumpers" as she called them. She hated the SAAB's and shortly thereafter started driving to Lubbock. Maybe she'll start flying again now that American has brought real planes to Lubbock.
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 7 2013 10:05AM
You have tried to shock us. You've cussed, you've been in many pretty awful movies. If you are going to rip off the band aid of being a goody too shoes. RIP THE DAMN THING OFF.
Do a nude scene, show vulnerability, maybe a scene where you don't seem to be doing a "Rachel".  Look, you're cute, we love you, but change it up or we're never buying a ticket to one of your movies again.

Love, your fans.

Jennifer Aniston’s New Movie Sucks. What’s She Doing Wrong?

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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 6 2013 12:19PM

Forget crosswords - having an ORGASM is more effective at giving the brain a workout, claims leading scientist

It gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘brainteaser’. Apparently orgasms give our brains a better workout than doing a crossword puzzle or a Sudoku.The sensation increases brain activity across the whole organ whereas a puzzle activates only relatively localized regions, claims neuroscientist Professor Barry Komisaruk.
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 6 2013 11:35AM

University of Iowa named nation’s top ‘Party School’

The Princeton Review announced this afternoon that the Iowa City college ranked No. 1 on its list of top party schools. The university finished in second place last year. The school also ranked No. 1 on a list dubbed “Lots of Hard Liquor.” In total, the book — titled “The Best 378 Colleges” — includes 62 ranking lists. All the rankings are based on student surveys. Questions for the “Party Schools” list centered on the use of alcohol and drugs on campus, the popularity of fraternities and sororities, and the number of hours students reported studying each day, according to a letter sent to the university last week by a Princeton Review publicist.
OHHhhhh it's based on lack of hours studying. We rock at studying! Never mind...
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by Sean posted Aug 6 2013 10:13AM

According to a survey of 1,000 adults, 60 per cent of women said men were good at getting rid of spiders.

Slightly less, 56 per cent, rated men’s barbecue skills and 73 per cent said men can change a tire. Just over half rated men’s ability to drink alcohol.

According to this useless survey

1.Buying clothes for partner 52 per cent
2. Remembering anniversary 41 per cent
3. Dancing 33 per cent
4. Ironing 31 per cent
5. Cooking 30 per cent
6. Domestic chores 30 per cent
7. Buying gifts 28 per cent
8. Multi-tasking 22 per cent
9. Keeping up with fashion 22 per cent
10. Picking furniture 21 per cent

So I ask you , what skills do women LACK?
by Sean posted Aug 6 2013 9:47AM
Questions to consider...

Will Johnny Manziel play for the Aggies this year?

Do we put too much pressure on 19-22 year old kids that some of us at 30 and 40 would be crushed by?

What did Kevin Sumlin know?

What did his QB coach know?

When did the shenanigans start?

Does Texas A&M suck?

"Say it ain't so Johnny!"

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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 5 2013 12:46PM

No Bull: Pamplona-inspired bull run coming to U.S. cities  - NY Daily News

Thrill-seekers will soon be running with the bulls when they’re unleashed in several cities across the country, officials said.The Pamplona-inspired Great Bull Run will begin an eight-state tour after a wild, man-vs.-beast event at a drag-racing strip just south of Richmond, Va., on Aug. 24, organizers said. About 5,000 people have already signed up for the inaugural bull run, despite the high risk for injury or death. Since 1924, 15 people have been killed in the famed San Fermin festival in Spain — which Jets coach Rex Ryan ran in last month. The most recent death was in 2009, when a 27-year-old man was gored in the neck and chest by a rogue bull named Capuchino.
Nope, I just don't think I'd do it at all!
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 5 2013 11:19AM

4-year-old mayor is re-elected in northern Minn.

Anyone could vote as many times as they like for $1 a vote at any of the ballot boxes in stores around town. The proceeds go toward organizing the festival.Bobby was only 3 when he won election last year. His mother, Emma Tufts, said she and her son, who turns 5 in October, got choked up when his name was pulled for re-election Sunday.The boy picked a random man out of the crowd to pick the name out of a clear tub. and the man was blindfolded twice, she said.While this was happening, Bobby told the crowd how to musky fish, she said."He's been going since 3 o'clock yesterday with cameras on his face," she said Sunday afternoon. "He's having a long day but he's done really well. I'm surprised."Asked how he felt during a phone interview, a tired Bobby made clear he was done answering questions. "I want to be with the boys," he told his mother.They were on their way to dinner and then planned to go fishing or have a bonfire to celebrate. Bobby, of nearby Nevis, starts preschool this fall.Emma Tufts said her son's agenda includes raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley in Fargo, N.D., and a new welcome sign for Dorset, which bills itself as the Restaurant Capital of the World.
So the better question is , how is this any different than the current City Council? Would a preschooler have less political pressure than those having to deal with the LP&L crisis?
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 5 2013 10:24AM
President Barack Obama's image is being used as a target in a dart game at the Otsego County Fair in Morris, New York.

Obama is seen on a board alongside stars at a booth for a dart game. 
Would you ask the Carney to take the photos down or buy some darts?
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 5 2013 9:49AM
So how does Sydney spend her 15 minutes of fame?Developing contacts, interviews, or setting up a long term financial strategy? Reality TV, guest hosting The View, being the next Bachlorette? No, she does a porno.

I’m Sydney Leathers. Anthony Weiner and I had a “sexting” relationship for several months, and that came out in the press, so here I am! We had phone sex several times a week while this was going on. We did send each other pictures. They were pretty much all nude. He would always compliment me on my breasts, my ass. He would tell me stuff about my feet, and how good I looked in heels. I responded back and basically told him anything I thought he wanted to hear.

I can't wait to have you explain this to your kids!
Sydney Leathers admitted to having a sexual texting relationship with NYC mayor candidate Anthony Weiner. He's still running though he was running in West Texas he'd probably lose any election but probably win a city council seat. (JUST KIDDING) 
Ladies & Gents, Sydney Leathers, Rock 101.1 Moron of the Day
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