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Pay college athletes - I say no but yes.

by Sean Dillon posted Mar 25 2014 10:00AM

With all the money that the NCAA is making with multi-billion dollar TV deals, some people think that we need to pay for athletes for their performance.
I say no, but yes.

Don’t pay them unless they:

  1. Stay four years and graduate. No degree, no money. You want to get paid then you have to go to class.

  2. Give back to their community. Visiting children’s hospitals, volunteering to help those in need.

  3. Keep out of trouble. Get arrested for a misdemeanor/felony, bye-bye money.

They have to earn it. If they are a good representative of the school, give them the schooling for free and any additional schooling that they require. They want to work on their masters, we’ll pay for it.  If we do these things, we put the emphasis on education.  While we’re at it, make a requirement of any coach’s contract those bonuses for wins / tournament wins / national championships are all tied to academics. If a kid on scholarship fails, so do their bonuses.

Pay them:

  1. They deserve it.  They work their asses off and deserve to get a taste of the money that the NCAA throws around like candy at a parade.

  2. Take care of all their medical bills while they are athletes of the university and in the future until the graduate. Why should a 300 lb offensive lineman lose his scholarship and the protection of his future because some UT lineman decided to cheat for a 15 yard penalty?  A student-athlete should be protected by the best that the equivalent quack shack has to offer every other student.

  3. They are ambassadors to this university and they represent the core of what is right and good about our school.

 If a coach can get paid $5,000,000 a year and an athletic director can get paid $150,000 a year, why can’t we pay a kid so he can eat while representing our school?

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03/24/2014 5:10PM
Pay college athletes? I say no but yes.
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