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by Freedman posted Sep 15 2014 4:37PM
Want to pay your last respects but just don't have the time for the whole "funeral thing?" Well you're in luck, a Saginaw funeral home is offering the convenience of drive-thru viewing. Paradise Funeral Chapel in Michigan has installed a drive-thru window allowing people to drive up to pay their last respects.

According to The Saginaw News, Funeral home President Ivan E. Phillips said he's had the idea for years, but an incident last year made him turn the idea into reality.
That's when an elderly woman who was in a nursing home could not make it inside the chapel to visit her husband or attend his funeral, Phillips said.

"She would've got a chance to see him if we had this, so I knew we had to move forward," Phillips said. Phillips said the drive-thru allows others to pay respects to the dead who might otherwise not visit the funeral home.

"Considering the elderly generation that we service, so many people are afraid of funeral homes. So why not be able to do it from your car?" he asked. Drive-thru viewing is not a new concept. There are at least three funeral homes in other U.S. cities that offer it.

by Freedman posted Sep 9 2014 5:28PM

BusinessWeek is reporting that "Helene Freeman, an entertainment lawyer who litigated a series of victories for Timberlake's former boy band, NSYNC, and is now defending Page and fellow members of Led Zeppelin in a dispute over Stairway to Heaven's authorship. Led Zeppelin faces a copyright infringement suit that alleges parts of the 1971 hit were filched from an obscure song by the band Spirit.

By hiring Freeman, a partner at New York law firm Phillips Nizer, Led Zeppelin has gone for an industry specialist who has also done work for singer Diana Ross and corporate clients that include record distributors and advertising agencies. In NSYNC cases from the late 1990s and 2000s, Freeman secured the band's ability to leave its old record label and won dismissal of a copyright suit over pictures on concert merchandise."

Judge for yourself if Spirit has a case:

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by Freedman posted Sep 5 2014 3:16PM
The 2014 NFL season kicked off Thursday night when the Seahawks beat the Packers 36 – 16 at CenturyLink Field. Now, the Facebook data team is analyzing where each team's fans live across the country. Each county is color-coded based on which official NFL team page has the most Facebook "Likes" by people who live in that county.
The Seahawks fan base naturally lives in the Pacific Northwest. No surprise there. The Dallas Cowboys — often referred to as "America's Team" — have a hold on a large number of counties. In some cases, entire states are devoted to just one team — like Washington to the Seahawks, Colorado to the Broncos and Minnesota to the Vikings.
But one team did not even make the list — the New York Jets. Facebook's data team says, "the New York Jets do not have a plurality of fans in any U.S. county." From Q13 Fox News
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by Freedman posted Sep 3 2014 2:24PM

According to Courthouse News Service, KISS vocalist/bassist Gene Simmons and his associated company have been sued by a security guard working at the band's 2012 concert in Indiana, claiming that the guard was injured after the group band "foolishly" sprayed the stage with water and confetti. Also named as defendants in the lawsuit were the concert venue (Klipsch Music Center) and Live Nation World Wide Inc.

Timothy Funk says in his lawsuit, which was filed in Hamilton Superior Court, that he fell on the "slippery, waxy, and glassy" stage after "some or all of the defendants" sprayed water from hoses "on the stage, the area around the stage, and on some of the crowd." The defendandts also sprayed confetti around the stage and crowd "in a foolish and reckless manner," Funk claims.

Funk is seeking compensation for his injuries, loss of wages and other charges.

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