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So what do you know about me?

Not a damn thing.

Maybe I can change that...
by Nick Freedman posted Jan 20 2014 4:45PM
I'm not a huge Olympic fan, but the Jamaican Bobsled team making the cut is awesome!
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by Nick Freedman posted Jan 16 2014 6:09PM
I'm from the cold arctic north. We always laughed when people complained that it was freezing and responded with "freezing, I wish it was that warm!" But after living in Lubbock through this winter all my natural insulation to cold is gone.Every year I put on the winter weight and prepare for hibernation and now I'm shocked that people go outside in January.I now just shake the dandruff out of my hair to see snow!
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by Nick Freedman posted Jan 14 2014 5:43PM
I was having a conversation with two youts the other day and they were asking me about bands and the type of music I was into. I responded that I think rock music peeked in 1969 and proceeded to name off a few bands and artists to prove my point. They had this puzzled look about how I could like music that came out before I was born. I said that good music is good music and albums like Abbey Road, Let It Bleed, Led Zeppelin I were some of the best ever. Sheesh kids these days!
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by Nick Freedman posted Jan 2 2014 5:06PM
I don't know about you but I now cannot seem to function with out the food and days off that come with the holidays.5 day work weeks do not cut it anymore, we need more holidays between now and Memorial day. I'm thinking we need to make Groundhogday a national holiday. Washington and Lincoln's birthdays are holidays, how about the other Presidents? I'm trying to make this a weekly thing!
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by Freedman posted Dec 27 2013 4:46PM
I'm moving to a new place today and packing up your stuff is like a self intervention for hoarding! I keep asking myself questions like "why have you been holding on to a free sub coupon from 2005?" I have seen things in the back of my refrigerator that cannot be unseen!
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by Freedman posted Jul 23 2013 5:25PM
So I'm still pretty new in town and I want to make more friends. If you get a chance, friend me on facebook! I'm always posting goofy stuff and Facebook friends are the most real friends ever! https://www.facebook.com/nickonair
by Freedman posted Jul 19 2013 5:19PM
I just read this on Cracked.com, see if you can recognize any from your collection!
by Freedman posted Jul 17 2013 5:09PM
his is going to be amazing to watch, so many legends on one stage!
by Freedman posted Jul 11 2013 4:30PM
Hey, I'm Freedman and this is my first real week here at Rock 101.1 and it has been amazing! I love it here, I get to play the best music ever made and make goofy comments. I'm from Chicago and I have never been to Texas before now and I am eating my way through the town. I hope you keep listening to Rock 101.1 and you can make a game out of how many stupid things I say in an hour, just don't make it a drinking game!
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