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Mark my words...

by Sean Dillon posted Dec 26 2013 9:00AM

So we are in day whatever of the A&E / Duck Dynasty feud.  Mark my words, this won't last long.

Why? Money.

A&E is minting money hand over fist.  They don't want to give it up. Would you like to give up a revenue stream that has given you $400,000,000?  HELL NO!

Also, A&E was in the wrong. You can't play the, "we don't want to offend people" card when you KNEW what you were getting yourself into each day.  You knew about the tight knit family and their prayers, hell you showed it to us every episode. You KNEW about how they felt and how family members spoke at churches around the country, including one here in Lubbock.

So get off your high horse A&E. 

Also, everyone who is "boycotting" or "growing a beard for Phil", knock it off.  If you really intend to hurt A&E, and some of you do, DON'T buy ANY Duck Dynasty merchandise.  Majority of that money goes to A&E.  Want to help Phil and the family?  Buy Duck Commander merchandise, where a majority of that money goes to the Robertson family.

Mark my words A&E will come out with a statement in the next week or two after the holidays are over saying they respect Phil's 1st ammendment rights and will remove the ban.

What do you think? I'll meet you in the comments...
12/23/2013 10:00AM
Mark my words... Duck Dynasty will be back
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