September 30, 2014
7:00 pm

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Dillon's Soapbox

Sean Dillon has opinions... tell him how he is wrong... or cheer that he is right!
by Sean Dillon posted Sep 29 2014 5:44PM

Coronado beat Permian for the first time in 6 years, in the end words were said, shoving happened and stupid things followed.

But in the end, it was just a game.

In our lives we hold sporting events and competitions to such a lofty level that judges have been known to play favorites, officials "cheat" and parents drive their kids where they do not want to play anymore.


Why is winning so important in the grand scheme of things? I think it is all about how teams accept winning & losing. Some are so entitled that they believe that when they lost it must be (insert excuse here). But it isn't. You lost plain and simple.

It all comes down to values. When the brush up happened and the rumor mills started up , I warned people to stop trolling and let ALL the information come to a front.

What we have found out is pretty amazing.

The story about how Coronado players disrespected a United States Marine. Disputed BY THE MARINE!

Why do we allow rumors and tales spread?

Because we don't want our kids to be the bad ones. "We taught our kids better." Yeah, you did, but sometimes teaching your kids doesn't mean that they execute your wishes.

Values are one of the richest things we can give our kids.

I'll be honest with you my friends, financially I'm not a rich man. I've lived hand to mouth my entire life. I have not gotten everything that I wanted, but I grew up with 2 brothers and 3 sisters. My parents worked multiple jobs sometimes to help me in my life. I was in a lower middle class family that handed down clothes to my brothers and did not get the coolest things first. But while my friends always had the hottest clothes, or the best lunches, I had family.

Yes, because of situations beyond my control, I once brought a macaroni and cheese sandwich to school. I was not cool and moved around too many times to make any life long friends until I settled down in Lubbock for college.

But I have worked my butt off and one day, the wonderful house that I have paid every single cent I could earn and more into… will be mine. No one can take away accomplishments that you achieve. Only you can take accomplishments and make them meaningless.

As a kid, I was terrible in sports, I wouldn't shut up and I did not have anything that I could call a significant sports success. I could tell you about leading the pony league of baseball in walks, strikeouts and being hit by pitch but that delays my point.

I don't remember any of the strikeouts today. None of them. I don't remember the disappointments of my father, if he had any, that I wasn't going to be a superstar. Because that wasn't important to me or to my family.

What was important was making an effort.

I do remember my brief baseball career the one playoff game where I got hit by a pitch, stole 2nd, stole 3rd and got hit in by one of my friends to win the one and only playoff game in my life.

If you think that was funny, have you ever heard about a team carry a player off the field after grounding out to short? I have.

I was the player. My teammates knew I was the worst player, but because I MADE the effort, they recognized how important it was to me to be recognized for my effort.

As adults we know that a kick to win a game should be celebrated today, remembered in the future but ONLY is a memory.

Kids are full of emotions and hormones.

Holding anger in our heart / acting out in frustration has no meaningful consequences. Anger does nothing but keep us from success.

Teach your kids… it's just a game and they will move on with their lives win or lose. I've lost more times than I have won in my life, but my wins I remember each of them with vivid details.

The losses have been forgotten

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by Sean Dillon posted Sep 23 2014 10:34PM
I have to give it up to you Lubbock. I was unsure on a Tuesday concert date at the fair. But you came guns a blazing with fun and excitement. What a crowd! You blew away my expectations. You came, we all were rocked by .38 Special and we came away happy.

Who wants to do it again?

We thank you, the best listeners in Lubbock!

The Rock 101 Crew
by Sean Dillon posted Sep 19 2014 9:58AM
Red Raider fans are approaching a day that they would rather not reach. A day where realization kicks in.

"Holy crap, this team isn't that good." Don't be surprised. It's coming and when that day arrives there are two things that you should do.

1. Cheer LOUDER
2. Show up no matter what.

But how many games will be announced with more "paid ticket" attendance than actual attendance?

The Red Raiders are still a young team, and I still believe that we are 2-3 years away from a championship caliber team.

It isn't just players, because UT gets the best of the best in Texas, they haven't sniffed a championship in 4 years. Why? Because it takes everything firing on all cylinders to become a winner. It takes fans making the home games seem impossible to visiting teams, it takes players that can execute and it takes coaches that can mold these boys into men.

It takes experience and time.

But Red Raider fans are impatient. They want the respect that winning will give them.

They want other teams to HATE them. That won't happen. It takes beating a team over and over again then losing to that same doormat to start a rivalry.

The great solution to getting respect is being patient. Do your job. Cheer.

Leave everything else up to Tech.

They will win or lose, but that's not on us giving up. That's on THEM.

Quitters never win, and winners never quit. A dust storm of doubt and frustration is coming and how we react as a fan base is how we deserved to be viewed. As fair weather fans who go wherever the wind blows us or as fans who care about this team.

That's on us.

Judgment Day is coming for the Red Raider Nation. How will we be judged?

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by Sean Dillon posted Sep 17 2014 9:23AM
The Minnesota Vikings proved once again that money reigns supreme. After losing their largest sponsor Radisson and several tersely worded letters to the NFL, Adrian Peterson is on the Commissioner's Exempt list until his court case with his son is over.

But let us look at it from another point of view.

Actions not words.

Radisson hotels have been wrapped with the Minnesota Vikings for years. They have a successful and meaningful partnership with the team. But could they sit there and accept their logo and reputation being sullied because of the anger of a "good man"?

No, they took action and said "Enough's, enough," suspending their sponsorship.

Now other NFL sponsors have taken the route of sending tersely worded letters.


What sponsors needed to do was say was, "We aren't going to associate ourselves with a league that accepts the conduct of its teams and players that conducts itself this way. We would rather lose money in the short term, then be the brand that accepts violence versus women and children."

But many sponsors chickened out.

They sent letters that said things like, "We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season. We are not yet satisfied with the league's handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league."

Yup, that's going to make me want to drink a Bud now.

The NFL Owners have a commissioner that is supposed to be making them money. Now, Roger Goodell must go. It should be not about words of "disappointment" but ACTIONS that matter.

Send a message NFL that you want to turn over a new leaf. Fire Goodell, cancel Pinktober because nothing you say or do will not scream, HYPOCRICY than caring about Breast Cancer Awareness but not caring about a woman getting beat by your employees.

Otherwise be prepared for the lull of ticket sales like Major League Baseball suffered after the 1994-1995 Baseball strike. It took me until the year 2000 to go back to a baseball game.

I may never drink a Bud again.
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by Sean Dillon posted Sep 16 2014 1:46PM
This season was a total disaster, but what was the major cause of the implosion of the team that a couple of years ago was in the World Series?

Possible issues:
1. Nolan Ryan leaving - He is the soul of the team, someone young pitchers could look forward talking with. But because of personality conflict with Jon Daniels he left to go work with Houston. What's the bet that Houston continues to develop faster than the Rangers will in the future? I won't take it because betting against Nolan is a sucker bet.

2. Injuries - Yup, there were alot of injuries

3. Ron Washington quitting - Did Ron take the blame for this year? Did the pressure get to him?

4. Jon Daniels - young punk who has run off an ownership group, Nolan and let Rangers stars go to other teams to shine while bringing in banged up replacements.

Who cares, this season is over and we have to now wait for next year, for this team will have to do the dreaded rebuild.

Good Luck Rangers, you are going to need it.
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by Sean Dillon posted Sep 15 2014 9:00AM
I let a day go by after the game, trying to think of the nice way to put it, but it is time to rip the band aid off this season.

The Red Raiders aren't that good. Yes, they seem to be good against Little Sisters of the Poor and Miscellaneous State but when it comes to any school from any Power 5 conference, they just aren't that good. They are young, undisciplined and have a quarterback who just isn't Kingsbury, Harrell, Joe Barnes or any of the other leaders that have taken the Red Raiders to greatness.

The bowl game versus Arizona State was an aberration. The team had a month to study and prepare for a matchup. They had a week to prepare for Arkansas, knowing that the Arkansas QB wasn't good either, but the Razorbacks run game was amazing. In the end, mental mistakes the team made compounded again into a frustrating day for the Red Raiders. Where was the jumping around, the energy from last year?

We all love the Red Raiders, it is when they play below all of our expectations when our feelings are worn on our sleeves. Because we love this team, we've been there in cold, wet, snow, dust storm games. We've cheered for them when they were coached by Spike, Mike, Idiot and Kliff. We just want to see improvements otherwise the $95 ticket prices for games like Saturday will be laughed at in the future.

To become a champion, you have to cheer, play, coach and have an organization that is dedicated to winning.

The fans showed up, for as long as they could. When the game got ugly, they left. They left to go talk about things that mattered, not mentioning the embarrassment on the field. "We got dressed up for THAT?" I heard from a fan after the final gun fired.

The team looked lost, on assignments, on routes, everything. It could have been 63-14 without a couple of lucky bounces.

Kliff is young and will have to mature and season more for the fans to look past "Hollywood".

As long as Texas Tech Football is a beauty pageant for some fans, coached "Hollywood" style, played at a second tier level with swagger rather than substance and have an organization WILLING to let traditions go, this team won't EVER be a National Champion.

It is a matter of attitude and the Red Raiders have the future working for them. They have an incredible facility, great recruits and a good coach, they need some seasoning, experience and LUCK to win.

Good Luck Red Raiders!
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