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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

by Sean Dillon posted Mar 18 2014 10:34AM
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is gone and everyone in the world is looking for it. Will we know all the facts?  HELL No.

Unless some manifesto reaches wherever it was intended if this was terror we won't know anything. Pilot suicide? Wouldn't they have found it quicker than flying for 7 hours?

I find it interesting that we can monitor every piece of space junk around our earth, but we don't have enough satellite coverage to figure out where the hell the damn plane is.

When the Malaysians started their yapping and then double backing, I figure we were in for a long haul. Tell the families what information that you have and then start looking. Don't try to cover up crap. Just give them answers. Say, "We're idiots and we don't have a (bleeping) idea." Until the wreckage or bodies are found, families will continue to ask questions nobody has answer to.

Right now we have crowd sourcing coming to assist the search by pouring over satellite maps, including Hole's Courtney Love who has claimed to have found the plane.

Right Courtney. I believe you.  Not.

Where is the plane? What do you think happened?
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03/18/2014 10:48AM
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
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