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Kevin Lewis, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

by Sean Dillon posted Aug 12 2013 11:10AM

Punter Keeps $1m Casino Prize After Names Mix-up


The Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati may disagree, however, as Saturday at the gambling venue proved a very lucrative day to specifically be called Kevin Lewis. You see, by chance, there were actually two unrelated Kevin Lewis’ in the casino that night, but by the time the casino realized it had handed out its ‘Summer Giveaway’ prize worth $1 million to the wrong one, he had already collected his money, spoken to the media and accepted congratulations from his fellow guests.
Nevertheless, after such an embarrassingly monumental howler it didn’t take long for the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati to bite the bullet and decide to grant both Kevin Lewis’ the huge jackpot. As the casino’s Senior VP Kevin Kline, explains: ” This was our blunder. So, consistent with our commitment to do the right thing for our guests, Horseshoe awarded a $1 million dollar prize to each of the men.”
OOPS.  John Smith, John Smith, please collect your prize here.
Horseshoe Casino did the right thing and give the prize to both men though. Whew. A step away from being enshrined in the Rock 101.1 Moron Hall of Fame
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08/12/2013 10:10AM
Kevin Lewis, please pick up the white courtesy phone.
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