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I hate Christmas lights

by Sean Dillon posted Dec 28 2013 8:21AM
Today I should be doing what I need to be doing, getting into the attic and putting up the Christmas stuff.  But I won't. As much trouble as it is for us guys to get the stuff down from the attic AFTER Thanksgiving dinner is over, it never starts there.

Christmas now starts after Halloween and continues through the New Year.

We leave the lights up and blow through Thanksgiving waiting till Christmas day and then when the lights and tree should go, our wives convince us that they need to stay. Like the tie and underwear that we got this year was any incentive for us to do anything but drink a couple of cold ones while watching college football.

So instead, we'll wait until the end of the National Championship game, maybe until the Super Bowl to put up the tinsel and lights. What is it about lights that no matter how hard you try, the damned things always end up in a knot and never go into the box the same way EVER.

I know I'm going to get shocked the next year trying to find the short that will be discovered plugging them in next year because my wife doesn't want to throw out the lights because, "these are the perfect ones and I'll never find ones like them ever again."

Let's just agree that Christmas lights are evil and they are the devils companion.

I'll pack em away and wait till Labor Day...

Christmas arrives earlier each year.
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12/27/2013 4:32PM
I hate Christmas lights
Do you like Christmas lights?
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