August 1, 2014
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Sean Dillon has opinions... tell him how he is wrong... or cheer that he is right!
by Sean Dillon posted Jul 28 2014 4:52PM

You have been warned... Who is it? Can't say, but we would really like you to keep August 25th open on your calendars.

No, Freedman doesn't know yet...
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by Sean Dillon posted Jul 23 2014 10:08AM
There are people in this world, some of them in a service industry, that could give a damn about the services that they are performing. They spend their waking hours sucking on a lemon and thinking that the world owes them something.

Hey Pinhead... the world owes you nothing. You were brought into this world as a result of a carnal act and no one is going to hand you the keys to the city. Bust your ass, do your job and make something of your life.

Why am I angry?

Because I go to a place at least twice a week to get the same order.

Some of the people know me by name and say "Hi, Mr. Dillon," and I always remind them to call me Sean.

But today I was greeted by the rudest, angriest, nastiest woman next to my ex. She got mad at ME because I called HER out on getting MY order wrong. Now, I am one of the most easiest going guys around, but when I come to your place and expect to get what I ordered when I ask for it, when YOU get it wrong, you shouldn't suggest that I go somewhere else.

Because when I leave...

I leave and I never come back.

So I'm sorry if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, something in your life sucks or your just a mean hateful bitch, but stop sucking on the lemons and start making some lemonade. Now.
by Sean Dillon posted Jul 22 2014 9:40AM
I’m a person who believes in leaving things where they lie. Don’t stir up trouble unless it needs to be stirred up.  Recently I was in a restaurant when two people came in to play the game, “I’m better than everyone else.” This is the game where they flaunt their wealth, their knowledge and their ignorance.

From discussing how they “really didn’t need to work, but if they didn’t,” they would spend “all day watching the maid clean,” to how “ignorant people are allowing this country to fall,” to snidely talking about the waitress, “I don’t care about her short hair or her tattoos.” They filled the room with their tripe.

All people could do was stare. “Why don’t you go over there and tell them off,” a friend of mine asked me.  My response floored him.
“Why should I go down to their level? They are in a hell of their own choosing. There is a wonderful world out there with people I want to meet, want to help and need my love. These people are hateful gossipmongers that have a sad life to lead, and I don’t need their bile in my life.”

All he could do is stare. Maybe the haters heard what I said, because the shortly left thereafter. I can only help the people that want help and deserve help. Those who are ignorant and hateful…

Screw em.
by Sean Dillon posted Jul 17 2014 11:23AM
Tommorrow I am going to have to bury a friend and it is going to be painful. There is something that haunts me every time I visit a cemetary. It's the only place where people aren't forgotten until all the people who knew them are gone.

"Do you remember Great Aunt Janice or Great Uncle Rudy?" People ask, and to be honest, I have no idea who the hell these people are, but I go, read their tombstones and try to remember if Great Aunt Janice was the one who my dad hated or liked.

It's difficult and all I can do is say a prayer for them, hope they have found peace and move on with my life.

Because the dead are gone and I must stay living.
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by Sean Dillon posted Jul 16 2014 10:13AM
I've always been a person that believes that nothing that is reported in the 1st 48 hours is ever the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because it rarely is.  When something is reported first, emotions are high and getting the story out is more important than getting the story right.

It's amazing what the whole story will show.

When the first reports came out, Nigel Bethel II was seen as a vicious attack.

Look at the video if you must.  Bethel II didn't attack first. Battle did. There were no kicking or multiple punches. It was one punch.

YES, it is completely unacceptable for a man to hit a woman, not now, nor ever. But does the punishment fit the crime? Battle who struck FIRST, is gone for one month. Bethel II is gone for good.  It's like in the NFL. Two players may start a fight, but it's almost always the second one who gets penalized.

The Lubbock County Grand Jury sent a letter to Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt saying :

"We believe he was unduly and prematurely punished. This was an unfortunate incident in a pick-up basketball game. This is a matter that should not result in criminal charges for either party.

"Any assault does deserve immediate action, however, please ensure all testimonies, evidence and circumstances are reviewed prior to taking action which may forever alter a person's future.

"We desire to see Mr. Bethel's scholarship re-instated. If he is re-instated, it is our belief that his consequences should not be greater than those of Ms. Battle. If he is not re-instated, a public exoneration of his character on the part of Texas Tech University should be forthcoming, since Mr. Bethel's future opportunities for an education as well as an athletic career have been jeopardized."

The Grand Jury found find "no probable cause after reviewing the evidence presented to true-bill the charge against Nigel Bethel of aggravated assault."

Bethel was immediately removed from the TTU football program. Battle will be suspended for the month of November.

Battle admitted that she "initiated the first contact" and apologized to "Nigel, the Texas Tech community, my teammates, coaches and fans" in a statement.

So does the punishment fit? For Battle, Bethel or neither. You are the judge now, what would you suggest Kirby Hocutt do to both? 

Meet you in the comment section...

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