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Half the team on the DL

by Sean Dillon posted Apr 25 2014 10:18AM
The Texas Rangers have a majority of their players either on the DL or GONE from last years team.  They have bullpen specialists starting games and players from their minor leagues all over the starting batting order.  They got rid of perennial whiner Ian Kinsler and replaced him with Prince Fielder.

Kinsler is batting lights out for the Tigers.

Prince can't smell the Mendoza line.

Yet... with all this strife and crap...

The Rangers are tied for 1st in the AL West after sweeping the A's this week with the best record in the American League.

So why are people panicking?

Because of all the Frisco Rough Riders who are getting their chance at the brass ring. People think that they are going to choke.

I don't.

Mark my words.

Get this team healthy and it will be DIRTY! Playoff baseball is returning to DFW.

Maybe with the right pieces healthy & in place, World Series baseball.
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04/25/2014 10:18AM
Rangers in the playoffs?
Is Sean on Drugs?
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