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Posts from March 2014
by Nick Freedman posted Mar 28 2014 5:52PM
March 28, 1973 Led Zeppelin released their 5th album Houses of the Holy. With songs like Over the Hills and Far Away and Dancing Days, this is truly an amazing album. When you get home put it on and crank it up. And if you don't own Houses of the Holy, you're lost seek professional help!
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by Nick Freedman posted Mar 26 2014 5:49PM
, you can still be put in commercials.

So in between my usual tour of cat videos and porn, I came across a new beer ad that features people dressed up like John Lennon, Elvis, Kurt Cobain and others partying on some deserted island. It was really strange because its not like they used CGI to insert the real people in the ad. They used bad imposters. So this goes to show, that no matter how you feel about advertising, companies have no problem making a buck off of you if you're dead and famous! http://youtu.be/6DVf4TifNkg
by Nick Freedman posted Mar 20 2014 2:54PM
Fred Phelps, the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church is dead. Needless to say, I am not in mourning! I've spent the afternoon trying to come up with some funny lines about this and I can't find any. Sure I can use the cheap lines like "I can't wait to picket his funeral!" It seems that there is nothing really funny about anyone's death, maybe Steve Irwin. The truth is there was nothing funny about the guy or his group. Years ago, the Westboro Baptist Church came a protesting at my school. This was before they became notorious for picketing the funerals of our fallen troops. Of course they were as horribly obnoxious as they are today and we kids staged our own "counter-protest." I think the good news out of this story is, groups that crazy usually fizzle out once their leader dies. The day the Westboro Baptist Church fizzles out is the real day worth celebrating! 
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by Freedman posted Mar 18 2014 4:32PM
So I have been reading about restaurants that are banning little kids from eating because they make too much noise. Now, I pretty much hate everyone so I say "why stop here?" Let's ban all kinds of people from restaurants, Phone talkers, loud talkers, close talkers... What people would you like to see banned from restaurants?
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