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Posts from February 2014
by Nick Freedman posted Feb 14 2014 6:14PM
I just read that Team Canada has a vending machine that despenses beer for free if you have a Canadian passport. The machine scans the passport and if it comes up Canuck, the beer is free. So my plan is to kidnap a Canadian, fly them to Sochi and then we'll be swimming in free beer! Check out more info at http://www.eonline.com/news/510307/2014-winter-olympics-if-you-scan-your-canadian-passport-you-can-get-free-beer-in-sochi
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by Freedman posted Feb 13 2014 6:27PM
I watch the Olympics for one reason, and that is the hotel conditions. From the non-flushing toilets to the tap water that looks like urine, Sochi has it all!  Check out this video I found about the unfinished hotels in Sochi.  Looks nice? ....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUT889LK1Ks&feature=youtu.be
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by Nick Freedman posted Feb 7 2014 3:46PM
50 years ago today, February 7th, 1964 The Beatles landed in America for the first time and rock music was never the same. They were one of the first popular acts to write their own songs, They were considered 4 equals rather then a star and his back-up band. Everything about them was new and never seen before. Almost every band that has come after them has been influenced by The Beatles and they are still as popular today as ever! 
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by Nick Freedman posted Feb 5 2014 6:09PM
So what that the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn't really play their instruments during the Super Bowl. I read Flea's explanation and thought it made a lot of sense. The half time show is such a staged production anyway, it makes total sense that the producers didn't want to leave anything to chance. I'm sure they thought this is one thing that we can keep under control if we prerecord it.I'm sorry if people think that they phoned it in, You're confusing the Chili Peppers with the Broncos!
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by Nick Freedman posted Feb 4 2014 5:10PM
I need a time machine! It's not for what you think, I don't want to experience world history or see the future. I just need a time machine to take back the things I say at the bar! It's a perfect solution, wake up and say to yourself "what happened" and then you're off in your time machine repairing the mistakes. It's like a drunken Quantum Leap!
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