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Draft Day

by Sean Dillon posted Apr 4 2014 5:15PM
It's coming, the day where all NFL teams have deals in mind and the ability to fill team needs for the next couple of years. Some players will make it, most won't and there is always a Mr. Irrelevant.

Draft Day , a movie that looks at a imaginary Cleveland Browns draft may or may not show what goes behind the scenes at our favorite teams.

Wouldn't we all like to know what Jerry Jones is thinking before he makes a pick that angers some fans while endearing him to others.

I'm looking forward to the movie because I think Jennifer Garner is GORGEOUS, I'm not excited about Kevin Costner, but I think these are just leftover feelings from Water world.

The NFL Draft 2014 starts on Thursday, May 8th. What trades are yet to happen, who will be the 1st round pick, who will get ignored and slide down being embarrassed in the green room. (Manziel is my guess)

We just have to wait and I think waiting is the roughest part, cause once Draft Day is here, the beginning of football is just around the corner.

Here's to Football!
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04/04/2014 5:16PM
Draft Day
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