April 16, 2014
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Sean Dillon has opinions... tell him how he is wrong... or cheer that he is right!
by Sean Dillon posted Apr 14 2014 10:05AM
So over the weekend Harrison Ford, Han Solo from the Star Wars movies, BAD ASS mofo, did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit when he was asked the question that everyone always thinks of when you think of the 1st Star Wars...

Yup, he just gave a perfect Han Solo answer.

He's not here for the glory, just to be that man who sprays us with water and tells us to get the F off his lawn.

Rumor is Ford will be back for Star Wars 7.

Are you excited about the Return of Solo?
by Sean Dillon posted Apr 11 2014 11:01AM
I want you to remember the heartaches that Texas Tech have had to suffer through the last 25 years. Yup, it's been 25 years since the 1989 All American Bowl Victory vs Duke for the Red Raiders to finish 9-3. But Sean, I hear you crying, "we've done better, 2007, 2008." We've also done worse, 2011, 1996-2001, 1990-1994 just to give you some examples.

We can't live in mediocrity any more. We've had coaches that have allowed it, we've had coaches that were miserable and we've kicked out coaches because they didn't fit in with administration and the good ole boys network.

We, as a fan base, needed a fresh start. We needed a unifying candidate. Tech gave the university and their fans Kliff Kingsbury.


A breath of fresh air on the South Plains. He relates to the players, he's played at the highest level and developed players to make their mark at the highest level.

What more can we ask for?

Fine, I'll do it.

Kliff, give the Red Raider Nation a Big 12 title in the next 2-3 years.

You still have major national presence and have recruited well. When your players relate to you like this,

You can ask them to do anything for you and they will.

Bring the Red Raider Nation a Big 12 title. It's not like I'm asking for a National Championship, but now that you bring it up...
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 9 2014 10:06AM
Why do I honor Palmer, Player and Nicklaus like golf gods and ignore Woods, Mickleson and Garcia? Because the former played golf for the love of the game. They played with honor and played as much as they could because golf didn't have big tournament purses. They needed that money to survive. Now golf players have equipment that are 1000 times better than the clubs in Palmer's time and people shoot in the 60's like it was taking the trash out.

It wasn't easy for Palmer, Player and Nicklaus, but they will always be heroes to me, because they played the game without sponsor exemptions and with technology. They played cause they loved the game.

So this morning 3 of my gold heroes Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus teed off to start the 2014 Masters. The old guard will be pushed aside , but as long as we never forget them.

I hope that Tiger Woods never beats Jack Nicklaus. Yes, Tiger has skills and talent, but he has the heart of a corporation.

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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 8 2014 10:34AM
Yup, the NCAA's are over and we've come to the portion of the year where some of us just can't wait for: the return of football. This weekend Texas Tech will host their spring game and some fans will start getting excited about the potential of these kids. But let's be realistic with them. They are just kids. There is enough pressure that they have to perform under.

Yup, they are under pressure. We have such incredible expectations of these kids and very few times do kids perform under pressure well. Most wilt. If all of them performed well under the expectations of pressure that we as fans put them under, we'd see better results. But people fold, change and their perspectives of what is important, modify under pressure. If every #1 prospect performed like a #1, we'd talk about them for years to come.

Ryan Leaf would be a Hall of Fame QB instead of a bust and in jail. We put unreasonable expectations on these kids. We expect them to win National Championships, yet we should be expecting them to graduate instead.

So as we start to slug through the dog days of summer, we wait, for these children to be forged into men and onto the gridiron they go, fearless champions, ever be.
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 4 2014 5:15PM
It's coming, the day where all NFL teams have deals in mind and the ability to fill team needs for the next couple of years. Some players will make it, most won't and there is always a Mr. Irrelevant.

Draft Day , a movie that looks at a imaginary Cleveland Browns draft may or may not show what goes behind the scenes at our favorite teams.

Wouldn't we all like to know what Jerry Jones is thinking before he makes a pick that angers some fans while endearing him to others.

I'm looking forward to the movie because I think Jennifer Garner is GORGEOUS, I'm not excited about Kevin Costner, but I think these are just leftover feelings from Water world.

The NFL Draft 2014 starts on Thursday, May 8th. What trades are yet to happen, who will be the 1st round pick, who will get ignored and slide down being embarrassed in the green room. (Manziel is my guess)

We just have to wait and I think waiting is the roughest part, cause once Draft Day is here, the beginning of football is just around the corner.

Here's to Football!
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 3 2014 5:00PM
so I went to the doctor because I couldn't breathe... and I was sent to get blood work done. I hate needles and everything about taking blood since my days of being a poor college student and selling plasma, but that's a WHOLE nother story for another time.

So I had this poor intern assigned to taking my blood and let's just say it didn't go as well as she expected.

Now I could say I was taping the whole thing, but I wasn't but I have a sample of what it looked like.

So it went just about that nice and the intern turned bright red apologizing for hurting me, and the squirting of my blood turned into a Benny Hill Sketch. Blood went everywhere and I felt sorry for the phlebotomy intern who was trying to get the "perfect stick". So now I have a black and blue mark on my hand about the size of a baseball, people are asking me if I'm shooting up and what a stupid place to shoot up, and all I did was try and get blood work done so I could feel better.

So I'm thinking of next April Fools, having a squirting blood hand next year, squirting red dye water at them.

What do you think?
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