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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 30 2014 8:30AM
Have you ever wondered exactly how much time you have spent on Facebook over the years? A calculator from Time may be able to answer that. Time said the application searches timestamps on users' posts to find the earliest ones, and then works from there.

It says I have wasted 69 days, 44 hours, and 17 minutes of my life.  Wow, I was expecting more time than my first marriage but who knew.

See how much time you've spent on Facebook at bit.ly/facebookcalc.

by Sean Dillon posted Jan 29 2014 9:55AM
Motley Crue members sign group death pact to break up after "Final Tour"


To me, I'm going to be sad since the Crue has made several memorable concert moments for me in my life. But it's time. Nikki has a great night show, (heard here 7-Midnight on Rock 101.1) with plenty of other projects to occupy his time.  How many bands stay out too long? The Crue won't. 

We will miss them...  But at first look, they won't be coming to the hub. July 16th in Dallas, July 18th in Albuequerque. We could pray for a July 17th date, but I just don't see it happening. We'd welcome Nikki and the Crue into the USA at ANY time.

What's your favorite Motley Crue moment? I'll meet you in the comments to discuss.

Press release follows: 

Band is first-ever to sign binding “Cessation of Touring” agreement to prevent future, unauthorized touring

Last Chance To Ever See The Band Perform Live

TWEET IT: #RIPMotleyCrue – @MotleyCrue announces #TheFinalTour, Country tribute album, “The Dirt” movie & more! Full details at motley.com

Los Angeles, CA (January 28, 2014) – After more than three decades together, iconic rock ‘n roll band MÖTLEY CRÜE announced today their Final Tour and the band’s ultimate retirement. The announcement was solidified when the band signed a formal Cessation Of Touring Agreement, effective at the end of 2015, in front of global media in Los Angeles today. Celebrating the announcement of this Final Tour, the band will perform on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live TONIGHT and will appear on CBS This Morning TOMORROW MORNING.

FINAL_AD_MATwAC4With over 80 million albums sold, MÖTLEY CRÜE has sold out countless tours across the globe and spawned more than 2,500 MÖTLEY CRÜE branded items sold in over 30 countries. MÖTLEY CRÜE has proven they know how to make a lasting impression and this tour will be no different; Fans can expect to hear the catalogue of their chart- topping hits and look forward to mind-blowing, unparalleled live production. “When it comes to putting together a new show we always push the envelope and that’s part of Motley Crue’s legacy,” explains Nikki Sixx (bass). “As far as letting on to what we’re doing, that would be like finding out what you’re getting for Christmas before you open the presents. We think in an age of too much information, we’d like to keep some surprises close to our chest until we launch the Final Tour.”

The Final Tour presented by Dodge and produced by Live Nation will kick off in North America on July 2nd in Grand Rapids, MI and reach 72 markets before hitting international territories in 2015. To Live Nation MÖTLEY CRÜE tours are not only box office successes but artistically their shows have set the bar for production and entertainment value. “There’s no arguing that Motley Crue have been and always will be the definitive bad boys of rock and roll,” says Rick Franks, Live Nation’s Regional President of North America Concerts. “But behind all those notorious stories is a legendary rock band that has revolutionized heavy metal and created some of the biggest hits in music history. They are a hugely successful global brand and a touring powerhouse. Everyone at Live Nation has a tremendous amount of respect for these hard working and extremely talented gentlemen. The music industry will never have another Motley Crue.”

The Dodge brothers were a notorious duo, so it seemed only natural to partner with the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band. “Whenever I talk to people about Motley Crue, the common thread is how cool and relevant the band remains even after 33 years,” said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO, Dodge Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “This irreverent ‘staying power’ resonates deeply with the Dodge brand as we turn the corner on our 100 year anniversary. What better way to celebrate the band’s final tour and the 25th anniversary of Kickstart My Heart than to do it together?”

Fans can look forward to Very Special Guest ALICE COOPER joining MÖTLEY CRÜE for an incredible package – Alice invented the genre and MÖTLEY CRÜE put steroids in it! “Real hard rock bands are hard to find these days,” said Alice, continuing,”Motley has always gone on stage with one attitude and that’s to blow the audience away. That’s exactly how we do it. Putting Motley Crue and Alice Cooper together is going to be just what this summer really NEEDS. We’re going to go out there and tear it up, and I can’t wait to see Motley on stage. Motley Crue and Alice Cooper – A match made in… Armageddon?”

As documented in the Cessation Of Touring Agreement the band signed at the press conference today, the band will not tour after this Final Tour. Band Attorney, Doug Mark of Mark Music & Media Law, explains “Other bands have split up over rancor or the inability of people to get along, but this is a mutual among all four original members and peaceful decision to move on to other endeavors and to confirm it with a binding agreement.” Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars will go their separate ways after the lengthy 2-year touring cycle. Tommy Lee (drums) explains “Everything must come to an end!! We always had a vision of going out with a big fucking bang and not playing county fairs and clubs with 1 or 2 original band members! Our job here is done!!!” Of the band’s tumultuous history, Mick Mars (guitar) adds “(It has been) more drama than ‘General Hospital’ it keeps ‘em watchin’ and they keep comin’ back.” Vocalist, Vince Neil says of the Finality of the tour – “I’ll miss playing with the guys but I won’t quit playing rock and roll!! I feel there are a lot of great opportunities and exciting projects after Motley.”

The Final Tour will coincide with the film made from MÖTLEY CRÜE’s NY Times Best-Selling book The Dirt. Jeff Tremaine (Bad Grandpa) has signed on to direct the opus that is set to debut in theaters globally in 2015, coinciding with The Final Tour. The Dirt is not only one of the best selling rock books of all time but also one of the greatest rock books of all time because of its brutal honesty, its unique voice, its multiple perspectives on the same events and its first-person inclusion of all members of the same band. Most rock memoirs are salacious mud-slinging accounts of a single person and MÖTLEY CRÜE was adamant to include the perspectives of all four of its members. Tremaine’s intention is to make, not just a great movie about a band, but a great movie about four misfits who, despite themselves and everyone else, band together to overcome the odds and change the history of Rock & Roll. “The Dirt’ is a movie I’ve wanted to make ever since I read the book in 2002,” says Tremaine. “I relate to the story on so many levels; my whole professional career has been about boys behaving badly, so I have a real connection to the material. It’s awesome to be working with the band at such an exciting time in Motley Crue’s history.” The film will be produced by the members of MÖTLEY CRÜE, Rick Yorn, Julie Yorn, Erik Olsen and 10th Street Entertainment.
by Sean Dillon posted Jan 21 2014 12:00PM

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the authors and forum participants do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of Wilks Broadcasting or their advertisers. 

So we knew it was coming.

The two states who have legalized marijuana use have teams in the Super Bowl.

What does this mean?

Not a damn thing. But people are going to make graphics like the one I've used as an example.

When my sister was sick and dying with Cancer, she used marijuana. The pain and stress of chemotherapy was just too much. Was it legal? Hell no. Did we all turn our heads and allow her the one illegal thing she ever did. Hell yes.

Why is this an issue?  Why can't we stop butting our heads into things that don't affect us and rather into fixing the debt, lowering all our taxes and making health care not the laughing stock of the world. 

How about we increase teachers salaries, give hand ups instead of hand outs, make people earn their keep in this world and go after companies (criminals) that ship jobs overseas rather than help people that want to work. Why can't we help small business people succeed?

But I digress.

I think that Denver is too strong a team and Peyton will win in New York.

Prediction and contraversy in one blog post...
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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 11 2014 8:40AM

New Orleans at Seattle 01/11 3:35 p.m. Seattle -8 45.5

Indianapolis at New England 01/11 7:15 p.m. New England -7 51.5

San Francisco at Carolina 01/12 12:05 p.m. Carolina +1 41.5

San Diego at Denver 01/12 3:40 p.m. Denver -9 54

This I said would be easier than last week where I went 2-2.

Here they come from easiest pick to hardest...

Seattle -8  Some people think that Seattle will fold like my grandma's summer blanket. But I don't think so.  They have depth, talent and HOME FIELD!

Denver -9  Peyton has something to prove. Nothing else needs to be said,

Indianapolis +7 Many people counted this team out after 1 half vs KC. DON'T.  New England is NOT the team of past.

Carolina +1 I dunno. I just not sure about the 49ers.  I flipped this prediction 4 times. I'm done.

Good Luck to all!

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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 10 2014 8:00AM
70 million people.  The Target computer hack has allowed criminals to potentially hurt 70 MILLION Americans. To put that into perspective, that's 22% of the population of the USA.

“I know that it is frustrating for our guests to learn that this information was taken and we are truly sorry they are having to endure this,” said Gregg Steinhafel, chairman, president and chief executive officer. But in other words Target said, "Oops," but in the end will pay a deeper price.

My wife USED to go to Target. She went 4 times from Black Friday to Christmas. But now she won't touch it. She looks every day at her account, double checking her bank who have assured us that, "We have taken appropriate precautions."

But her question is, "How can I go back to a company and support them, when didn't care to defend my payment information?"

I don't have an answer for her when she asked.

But I do now.

It's Target's fault, and you are punishing them the only way you can, by not shopping with them. The only way you can get a retailers attention is where it counts, their pocketbook. I've been part of many protests, social media and in person, but in the end, all protests lose energy and fade. However, if you keep from spending money and help their competitor, they will get the message.

I have a friend who works in Target and he feels bad that this happened, but there is nothing he could do to prevent it. He knows that people are mad and angry, but he thinks that this is just the beginning, "If you think that this will be the only security breach, you're wrong. We're now entering a period where it may be a monthly occurrence."

That should scare the hell out of all of us.

So Target, we understand your oops. We probably will forgive you, but no more of the 20, 40, 70 million. Give it to us straight, fix the problem and try and keep from having it happen again.
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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 6 2014 10:00AM
The National Championship is between two teams that have differing characteristics:

1 team barely won 2 games that showed that they aren't dominant at all.
1 team beat everyone but was tested by noone.

Who wins?

My prediction depends on the Auburn's offense

We all know that Florida State has a nasty defense:
1st in the country in scoring defense
3rd in total defense
14th in rushing defense

But can Auburn POUND the ball forcing the safeties to cheat into the box? If so Auburn wins.

However, I doubt that Auburn can stop Jameis Winston. Not now, not ever.

When you combine pure talent and the ability to stop Auburn's run game... it's an easy pick.

Florida State 35, Auburn 17

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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 4 2014 11:57AM
This week is easy.
Next week it gets harder.

Chiefs +1.5   Indy goes luckless! Plus Kansas would kick my ass if I picked against the Chiefs
New Orleans +2.5  I hate Philly now and forever
Cincinnati -7 San Diego is going into hell... they won't leave without scars.
Green Bay +2.5 5 words and 5 words only... "Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field"

Chiefs lose by 1, Sean Covers.
New Orleans wins by 2, Sean doesn't need the 2.5 point as he covers.

2-0 going into Wild Card Sunday!
Then Wild Card Sunday kicked me in the nuts

SD wins, Sean Loses.
SF wins, Sean loses by the hook.

2-2 ATS this week. We'll try again next week.
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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 3 2014 10:19AM
So my brother asked me my opinion of Hulu Plus... so I thought I'd share it with you also.

I love Hulu. Love the concept of finding some of my old favorites and even new series where I can sit and binge on a single show for a weekend.

But I think Hulu Plus is stupid because their subscription model is useless. 

Hulu provides GREAT video streaming services to the web and the web only. Want to watch it on a television , you're hosed. Wanna watch it on a phone, hosed again. This is because their licensing with content providers specifically prohibits streaming to devices other than a computer browser.

So I'll look past that and examine the question my brother had...

Why Hulu Plus?

My answer T is easy?


Do you get less commercials? No.

That's like saying I'm paying to get this...

and instead we get ...

Do you get more content? Yes.

Is it worth having to look at commercials and crippleware? No.

People are going to have to complain and whine so Hulu gets off their ass and provide a VALUABLE service if your going to pay for it. After all, you should GET what you pay for. 

So T, enjoy Hulu.

But don't get Hulu + ... YET.


Your Brother

by Sean Dillon posted Jan 2 2014 12:23PM
So my dad is always teaching, trying to impart knowledge and his experiences on me and my brothers & sisters. After yesterday's Nebraska Football victory I could tell he had an extra jump in his step.

"Today's been a GREAT week. It started with UT losing (my brother in law went to UT), Tech winning, (I went to Tech) , A&M won (My sisters went to A&M) and Nebraska winning (My dad, mom and brother all went to UNL). Just a great week," my dad started.

I asked him what about the concept of rooting for the teams in your conference to win, like Baylor and OU.

"The hell with them, when was the last time you heard a Baylor or OU fan root for Tech? I've gotta go take down the animals for your mother. I love you, talk to you later," my dad finished.

Every day I appreciate my dad a little more. 

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