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Posts from December 2013
by Sean Dillon posted Dec 31 2013 5:00PM

If you feel like you need to get home safe, PLEASE CALL A CAB! We want you back safe at home for 2014. Lubbock Cab Companies are staffed up and ready to go tonight. Be PATIENT! BE SAFE! ROCK ON!


Yellow Cab Company 765-7777                  Checker of Texas 771-8899

Safe Ride is a service provided through Student Transportation Fees for taxi pickup anywhere within the Lubbock City Limits and delivery to one’s residence. (Please note that this does not include service to and from the airport or bus station). It is available from 10:00pm - 4:00am nightly by calling 742-RIDE (7433). The only requirements are that students must have a valid Texas Tech ID and be taken to a residence.


Answers to Common Myths about Safe Ride

  • You DO NOT have to be drunk - Safe Ride will pick you up anywhere for any reason to take you home
  • You will not be sent to Alcoholics Anonymous
  • We will not tell your parents
  • Things to know

  • 1:30-2:30 am is a busy time - Please be patient
  • If you change your mind, please call to cancel - When students don't call, we are wasting time that could be used getting someone else picked up...Sometimes you ARE the person waiting, while other students are wasting our time
  • Drivers are NOT allowed to stop at Whataburger, McDonalds, Stripes, etc - Please don't ask
  • Drivers are NOT allowed to take you to a bar, restaurant, the mall, or ANY other business
  • You MUST have your student (not staff) ID, not just "know your 'R' number
  • Tips for students using Safe Ride (not requirements, just tips)

  • Watch for your taxi - Bars and parties are loud - you might not hear the phone
  • Answer your phone
  • Keep your cell phone in your hand or somewhere that you can hear it ring and/or vibrate, just in case
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    by Sean Dillon posted Dec 31 2013 9:53AM
    FACT: Texas Tech beat Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl last night.
    Arizona State fans have already brought up the following facts... and fiction.

    FACT: Arizona State was without its leading rusher.
    FICTION: That he could have made and significant effort vs the Red Raider Defense.  

    This was the defense that Tech fans were excited about all season. They were flying to the ball.  With the exception of two long runs, 1 on a fluke fumble recovery, the defense was healthy and hungry.

    FACT: Arizona State was without one of its leading pass rushers.
    FICTION: That another pass rusher could have helped against Davis Webb.

    Webb spent the evening under pressure, not as much pressure as Paul Blake felt in Necessary Roughness, but all the same didn't do anything but TAKE what Arizona State gave them. Backside receivers , underneath passes and selected draws, with a healthy donation of balls to now exiting Tight End Jace Amaro. Which brings up our next point.

    FACT: Jace Amaro couldn't be stopped.

    I don't have a counterpoint this this one. It's just a fact. Amaro was the most dominating possesion receiver on the field. He was the clutch catch again and again. 

    FACT: Texas Tech was hungry.
    FICTION: Arizona State wasn't.

    Coach Kingsbury said in the post game interview that the ESPN scroll predicting Texas Tech would lose by 22 was a motivaton for the team. It better have been.

    I've said for years that respect isn't earned by the close losses. It's won by taking it, kicking and screaming. By beating your hated enemy over and over again.

    Tech won because nobody gave them a chance to win. They came healthy, hungry and hated that everyone was dissing their family.

    Tech must win more games like this, for this is how you gain respect.

    So in Kliff's 1st year Tech went 8-5 and won the Holiday Bowl vs Arizona State. 
    In Tommy Tuberville's 1st year as coach, Tech went 8-5 and won the Ticket City bowl game vs Northwestern.
    In Mike Leach's 1st year as coach, Tech went 7-6 and lost in the GalleryFurniture.com Bowl to East Carolina.
    In Spike Dykes 1st year as coach Tech went 7-5 and lost the Independence Bowl to Ole Miss.

    I'm not interested in year 1. I'm interested in year 3 . In all of the above, year 3 were all 9 game winners with the exception of Tuberville. 

    If you want to develop this team, keep focusing on developing players, strive to Beat Texas each year and be hungry. 

    Cause the hungry team ALWAYS gets fed.
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    by Sean Dillon posted Dec 28 2013 8:21AM
    Today I should be doing what I need to be doing, getting into the attic and putting up the Christmas stuff.  But I won't. As much trouble as it is for us guys to get the stuff down from the attic AFTER Thanksgiving dinner is over, it never starts there.

    Christmas now starts after Halloween and continues through the New Year.

    We leave the lights up and blow through Thanksgiving waiting till Christmas day and then when the lights and tree should go, our wives convince us that they need to stay. Like the tie and underwear that we got this year was any incentive for us to do anything but drink a couple of cold ones while watching college football.

    So instead, we'll wait until the end of the National Championship game, maybe until the Super Bowl to put up the tinsel and lights. What is it about lights that no matter how hard you try, the damned things always end up in a knot and never go into the box the same way EVER.

    I know I'm going to get shocked the next year trying to find the short that will be discovered plugging them in next year because my wife doesn't want to throw out the lights because, "these are the perfect ones and I'll never find ones like them ever again."

    Let's just agree that Christmas lights are evil and they are the devils companion.

    I'll pack em away and wait till Labor Day...

    Christmas arrives earlier each year.
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    by Sean Dillon posted Dec 27 2013 9:52AM

    My dad always said, choose your football picks with your brain, not your fandom.

    My prediction for the Texas Tech Holiday Bowl / Cowboys vs Eagles game might surprise you!  I picked Texas Tech + the Dallas Cowboys to win close games because both of the teams that they are playing just don't care.  Both the Red Raiders and Cowboys are hungry.  You don't ever mess with a hungry animal. Or my ex-wife.
    by Sean Dillon posted Dec 26 2013 9:00AM

    So we are in day whatever of the A&E / Duck Dynasty feud.  Mark my words, this won't last long.

    Why? Money.

    A&E is minting money hand over fist.  They don't want to give it up. Would you like to give up a revenue stream that has given you $400,000,000?  HELL NO!

    Also, A&E was in the wrong. You can't play the, "we don't want to offend people" card when you KNEW what you were getting yourself into each day.  You knew about the tight knit family and their prayers, hell you showed it to us every episode. You KNEW about how they felt and how family members spoke at churches around the country, including one here in Lubbock.

    So get off your high horse A&E. 

    Also, everyone who is "boycotting" or "growing a beard for Phil", knock it off.  If you really intend to hurt A&E, and some of you do, DON'T buy ANY Duck Dynasty merchandise.  Majority of that money goes to A&E.  Want to help Phil and the family?  Buy Duck Commander merchandise, where a majority of that money goes to the Robertson family.

    Mark my words A&E will come out with a statement in the next week or two after the holidays are over saying they respect Phil's 1st ammendment rights and will remove the ban.

    What do you think? I'll meet you in the comments...
    by Sean Dillon posted Dec 25 2013 11:00AM
    It sits there under the tree, a symbol of someone's love for you. But does it need to be full? My goal throughout the year is to give the ones I love gifts.  Most of the time I deliver them on birthdays, anniversarys and Christmas, but for this year, I'm doing something different.

    I'm leaving a wrapped empty box under the tree.

    It represents the gift that I have been given, that I cannot see, nor grasp.  The gift of everlasting love, compassion and blessings.  I am not hungry, homeless or wanting.  I have been blessed.  There are those who aren't as lucky, and I can't help them all. But I will try to.  Because I have been given a gift under my tree every year. It's time to recognize and appreciate it.

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and wonderful holiday season.

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    by Sean Dillon posted Dec 24 2013 11:40AM
    Yes, this looks delicious. There is something great about food, I could sample food from around the world and can't get enough of it. However, my doctor and my stomach have conspired against me with this thing called a diet.

    I can't eat every one of you delicious sausage links. No mash, no ham, just boring and bland. Yes, once I get my cholesterol down, I will come back to you, but not to the extremes that I have in the past.

    But I can't take it right now.

    I could eat the meat off of the bone right now. I'm dreaming of ribs, pies and pastries.

    But I'm stuck in the diet zone till the doc tells me I'm good again.

    So, on behalf of my stomach and my soul. Please stop tempting me.


    by Sean Dillon posted Dec 23 2013 10:00AM
    I'm ready for the feats of strength, but I'm not sure I want the airing of grievances...

    What are grievances about 2013?

    The office disappointed me with no designated parking place.

    Also, what about the champagne and fresh fruit. Ahhhh maybe in 2014!
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